Boynton Prepares For Homestretch caught up with Kenny Boynton over the weekend and asked him to give us a glimpse into the final stages of his process. The elite senior has a clear picture for his visits and a decision merely a month away.

The parade of head coaches through the Boynton living room has been nothing short of impressive. It's a fact not lost on Kenny Boynton, one of the enormous prizes still remaining from the 2009 recruiting wars.

"When I think about it, it's crazy," Boynton said. "It just tells me that the hard work has paid off." Boynton, far and away the most clutch wing performer in class, is the object of a serious recruiting tussle between five schools.

Duke, Florida, Georgia Tech, Southern Cal and Texas are the contenders. He's's No. 8 prospect overall and the American Heritage senior is one of six Top 10 uncommitted players.

As Boynton will say, anything can happen. However, there's been a school of thought permeating through college offices that warns a Duke vs. Florida battle is imminent.

"I say at this point in time … in the summer that was probably true," Boynton said. "I've been to different campuses now and I've done the research. I'd put them all in there now and none are bad situations. It's going to be a close decision."

Boynton said he couldn't decide on the spot right now if he had to. "I couldn't, I just have to get out there and talk to the coaches and put the last touches on it and make my decision."

To make his decision, Boynton approaches his visits seriously. Thus far he's been to Southern Cal and Georgia Tech. Up next is Florida the weekend of Oct. 24 followed by Texas Nov. 1 and then Duke the weekend of Nov. 8.

Prospects say the right things when it comes time to speak about their choices. Knowing that, Boynton offered a glimpse into his thought process and what his approach hinges on as he motors toward the biggest decision of his basketball life to date.

"I take the labels off the name of the school and I just go down and see which ones I have the best relationship with the coach," Boynton said. "I think which one has the most checks, that should be the best situation for me."

OK, so how many bonus checks does a gold medal or say back-to-back titles receive? What about players in the pros? "That's a good one, I don't know but they count," Boynton joked.

Obviously, at this stage in the recruitment of a big time prospect there is significant involvement from the head coach with the player. The personal relationship is not lost on Boynton.

"It's basically can I trust the coach? What situation will I fit better in at? Can I talk to the coach if things aren't going right?"

It's common for recruits to cite style as an important part of the decision. What really is style of play and what does it mean to this player?

"In my mind, my type of style is a team that gets the rebound, plays defense and gets out and pushes. We'll have plays but I want the coach to let us play. That's my style."

There's been a lot made and tons written about Boynton over the years. We've covered him extensively and for good reason. Some kids you hope impact winning, others are merely great prospects with an eye on the next step. Boynton, well, he's a winner and he's going to impact the win column in a big way. The stakes are high but the end result – his signature – will help shape the direction of the programs on his list.

Some of Boynton's peers will be content to let the early signing period pass right by. Boynton isn't one of them. By the end of the early signing period he'll have made his pick.

"If not before that, but I'll have it done before the early period."

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