2004 Spotlight: Corey Brewer

Some guys tend to get out of the gate quicker than others. Apparently, Corey Brewer is a quick starter. The Portland, Tenn., standout is averaging 29 points through his first two games.

Coaches Making The Trip To See Him

Corey Brewer made the most of his Nike All-American Camp experience. Brewer ran, rebounded, defended and shot his way into the minds of high-major recruiters. Nowadays, it's not uncommon to see coaches in the gym for his games.

Louisville sent Mick Cronin, Tennessee sent Chris Ferguson and Mississippi State sent Phil Cunningham to see him play his first game as a junior. Vanderbilt, Memphis, Florida and Western Kentucky are recruiting him.

"We played two games so far," Brewer said. "The first game I played pretty good and had 31 and 10. In our second game I had 27 and 8."

Brewer is a fine athlete. Right now, he's carrying just 180 pounds on his frame but that's up 10 pounds since the summer and he's making use of each muscle. He says his bench press is up to 250 pounds; an incredible number for a high school basketball player his size.

"I worked on my game all summer," he said. "I worked on my handle and shooting the 3. I could shoot it but I couldn't shoot it like I wanted to. We took 500 shots a day."

Brewer lives close to Nashville but isn't too far from the Kentucky border either. There are some obvious conference ties to his area. "It's like SEC [territory] because Vanderbilt is close and they're recruiting me. It's also Conference USA [territory]."

Brewer went down to Western Kentucky to watch a few games.

Brewer's defensive prowess was on display this summer and there's a reason for his attention to detail in that area. "My high school coach is a defensive guy. I think I can guard anybody and that's why I think I can play on the next level."

Now all he needs is some exposure. Playing in Portland isn't like playing in Memphis. "Nobody ever thought I could play because I live in Portland. Where is that? Is it in Oregon? I had to prove to everybody that I could play."

Count us among the believers, Corey.

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