Dominic Cheek: Next Stop KU

Dominic Cheek has been a tough read throughout this process. He's entertained a host of schools from different leagues and areas of the country. However, with an updated list and revised visit plans, the suitors are now clear.

It seems like such a long time ago when North Carolina was considered his leader and possibly was on the verge of a commitment. Now, Jersey City (N.J.) St. Anthony star Dominic Cheek ( No. 15) has settled into a list of seven potential suitors.

Kansas, Pittsburgh, Villanova, Memphis, Indiana, Rutgers and Seton Hall comprise his list.

Since midway through last high school season, much speculation has been directed Cheek's way. After the UNC rumors, Villanova moved into a pseudo leadership position. As early as a month ago, Tennessee was close to obtaining a visit. Now, UT isn't on his list.

"Some colleges stuck with me from the beginning," Cheek said. "New colleges are showing love and that's how it's been. I'm basing (the decision) on my relationship with the coaches. You have to have a good relationship with the head coach, he's the one with the playing time."

The next head coach who will get to look Cheek in the eyes is KU's Bill Self. Cheek is headed to Lawrence for "Late Night" this weekend. Former high school teammate Tyshawn Taylor is a freshman for the Jayhawks.

Villanova hosts Cheek the weekend of Oct. 24. Immediately following his visit, Cheek will participate in the annual Eddie Griffin Challenge to be held on Rutgers' campus.

With most of his peers having made their decisions, we asked Cheek if he feels any stress or pressure to decide. "I don't feel like I'm behind. I guess when I'm ready to commit it'll happen. There's no rush for me to commit right away."

Cheek is immersed in the process with the intention of taking multiple visits but he's aware of what happens when you find a fit that suits you. In short, he made not need all his trips.

"That's a question that I'll base on my visits," Cheek said. "Depending on how the visits go, it could happen soon. Most people say they're going to take 4-5 visits but sometimes they and they commit.

"I may go somewhere and fall in love."

Pittsburgh is hoping Cupid's arrow misses him while he's in Lawrence. Cheek said he wasn't sure of a date he'll trip to see the Panthers but they're in the mix. Rutgers and Seton Hall are likely to be officials of the unofficial variety since he can drive and eyeball the programs on his own dime.

Cheek feels like he can win at a high level with each of his choices. Ideally, he gets it over with and plays his final high school season with a clear mind. "I guess I'm enjoying everything right now."

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