Pangos All-East: Barksdale Headlines Camp

N. BRUNSWICK, N.J. – On our way to the Eddie Griffin Memorial Challenge, we buzzed the Pangos All-East Frosh/Soph Camp. On Saturday, a pair of sophomores – C.J. Barksdale (pictured) and Keith Coleman – turned in strong performances.

C.J. Barksdale, PF – Overall, he was our pick for top prospect in camp. At 6-foot-7 he's bouncy and plays at the rim. While his body needs work – as most 2011's do – he can run all day and with his long arms will be a forceful shot blocker. Athletically a cut above and he's got a high-major future ahead of himself.

Keith Coleman, C/PF – Cheltenham's finest was only a shade behind Barksdale in terms of overall performance. Exceptionally powerful as a dunker and a super-charged leaper, Coleman has the goods. He demonstrated offense in flashes but anything that rattled around the rim he flushed with ease on the offensive boards. This guy is going to BIG and STRONG.

Sidiki Johnson, PF/C – St. Raymond's appears stocked with young talent so commit his name to memory. We'll list him at 6-7 for now but clearly he's not topped out. Fun loving and an adept finisher with both hands he's got a Tristan Thompson style body; he's long and can run.

Coleman Can Sky
Myles Mack, PG – When we left him in Vegas, Mack was an undersized two guard. Now, the 5-foot-9 Jerseyite is steaming toward full-blown point man status. He admits it's a process but one that is working in his favor. A lock mid-level prospect we'll see how far the transformation process can carry him.

Vaughn Gray, SF/SG -- We knew the name and when it looked like he might have put in cruise control for the afternoon, he broke out in his final game. At 6-5, he can slash and though we think he could have done even more here, Gray gave you a glimpse in the final session.

Paul Stone, SF/SG – G.W. Danville should contend for a state title in Virginia and if they do he'll be the perfect No. 2 option to Barksdale. Cut from the Wesley Witherspoon mold, Stone is a passer and perimeter threat. He injured his non-shooting arm in the first game and gutted out a nice effort on Saturday.

Shaq Patterson, SG – It took him a session to get going but once he did, the talent was evident. Already brandishes a reliable jumper and he can score going to the hole and beyond. He'll have a Martell Webster style body in time and was one of the top wings in attendance.

Myron Hickman, PG – You can catch him this year at St. Ray's out of the Bronx. Let's preface this by letting you know he's 5-9. Having said that Hickman has a strong presence and natural feel at his position. We see plenty of leadership and competitiveness and like him long term. If he gets to 6-feet look out.

2011 Philly point guard John Johnson was one of the quickest guys in camp. The next step is acquiring pace and rounding into a floor general. … Freshman James Ford out of Christchurch (Va.) also plays football. Saturday was an adjustment day for him and long term he may be a big point guard. … Two guys who shot the ball at a high level were sophomores Charles Oliver and re-classed Manuel Wallace. Oliver, affectionately known as "The Rifleman" is a 6-1 shooter. …

Two Philly area freshmen had their moments. Akhir Frazier and Damien Williams stood out. Frazier's a tough minded two and Williams a lunch pail three-man. … Rice's Jermaine Saunders, a 2011 forward, is a lefty who made 3s. To ascend he'll need to settle into a natural position. … 2011's J.P. Koury out of Christian Brothers in Jersey had one of the best overall feels of the wings in attendance. He proved you don't have to score to standout. …

Ronald Louisaint (2012) was the biggest kid here (6-foot-11, 280?). The Brooklyn native looks more like Jonathan Ogden than Patrick Ewing. He's a kid and he needs time. If he falls in love with the game, trims up his body and gets a nasty streak he'll have a chance. … Will Wise (2011) out of Abington Friends has the grades and he's coming off a knee injury. Long arms, soft body and a scoring touch inside. … Put 2012 Christ The King guard Omar Calhoun on the radar. …

Coleman already has drawn interest from Nebraska and Marquette. … Mack has Fordham, Syracuse and Georgetown keeping tabs. …

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