Kendrick Transfers; Takes Two Visits

Atlanta (Ga.) Westlake already has 2010 standout Marcus Thornton, now they've added a highly regarded wing in Jelan Kendrick.

College coaches will have to go a different school to check on 6-foot-5 wing Jelan Kendrick.

The top 50 prospect made the switch from Atlanta (Ga.) Southwest Atlanta Christian Academy to Atlanta (Ga.) Westlake, but Kendrick said the transfer won't be a big deal.

"I know almost everybody in the whole school," Kendrick claimed.

His first day at Westlake was last week and he spent the day familiarizing himself with the school and the basketball team. Now teaming with 2010 standout Marcus Thornton, Westlake should have a tough team.

"I practiced with them [Thursday]," Kendrick said. "We should be a pretty good, but it'll just depend on how hard we work, but that shouldn't be a problem."

"I think it's going to be a great experience," he continued. "I like to win and put on a little show and having a person that can jump as high as [Thornton] can and with the athletic ability that he has will be nice."

Kendrick, a four-star prospect, also recently changed his telephone number, so he hasn't heard from a bunch of college coaches lately.

"It's been going wonderful," he said of his recruitment. "I got a new number, so I haven't been getting calls because people don't know my new number. So I've been taking an unexpected break lately."

The 6-foot-6, 185-pounder claims 28 scholarship offers, but declined to list the schools recruiting him. However, we know that Georgetown and Miami are heavily involved, because he recently took trips to the two schools.

"It went pretty good," he said of the Georgetown trip. "I went there for their midnight madness. It's Georgetown, so it's like a basketball world up there. Plus I know Markel Starks and we've been boys for a while and Nate Lubick. They're already committed and I felt at home hanging out with those two."

Kendrick said his trip to Miami was a great experience as well and he got a good feel for what their program had to offer.

"It was a pretty good trip," Kendrick said. "Miami is Miami. South Beach is cool and the school was a pretty nice school."'s 7th ranked wing said he thought about making an early decision, but has since decided to wait out the process.

"I'm still looking at everybody the same," Kendrick said. "No one is above the rest. I'm just trying to weigh my options."

"It's still early on. I went through a little process where I wanted to cut down and pick where I wanted to go. But then I decided that wasn't for me. I figured that it wasn't for me. I had to weigh my options and take this thing all the way through."

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