Bigs Holding Signing Day Hostage

They're holding their breath at UAB. Committed center DeMarcus Cousins wants to be a Blazer, but semantics about a letter of intent are holding up the process. More and Cousins and other bigs yet to sign in this large update!

Drama? You want drama?

OK, we'll give you drama. Here's what remains of the early signing period in regards to the top big men in the nation.

Far and away the biggest unresolved issue that popped up during the last week hinges on the signature of aircraft carrier big man DeMarcus Cousins. First of all, know this: Cousins and Mike Davis are cool. His lack of signing is not an indication of how he feels about Davis.

What's going on here is that Cousins has not signed because he wants some reassurance that if Mike Davis isn't the coach at UAB he can opt out of his letter of intent. It's tricky in C-USA in terms of what can be signed and what provisions get included. As we head down the homestretch, unless an agreement between the administration and Cousins can be agreed upon, he won't sign. He'd remain committed but without the formality of a signing.

Obviously, Davis would prefer to have a signature. To get that done, the higher ups at UAB would need to understand the magnitude of his Cousins' presence and resolve any lingering questions about the release.

Again, this is not about the commitment, it's about what happens if Davis isn't in Birmingham no matter the reason.

Tiny To …

This one has taken many turns. As of Monday night, our best sources tell us that Keith Gallon has all the tools and assurances from his family that if he wants to sign on Wednesday he can do so.

Should Gallon declare and sign by Wednesday, we firmly believe Oklahoma has the upper hand. If Wednesday comes and goes without a signature, all bets are off. Mississippi State is the only other heavy contender we can identify at this stage.

Guys We Think Will Sign

  • Keith Clanton will pick Central Florida or South Florida

    Guys We Think Will Wait

  • Renardo Sidney, power forward (No. 5)
  • Kyryl Natyazhko, center (No. 69)
  • Angus Brandt, center (No. 86)
  • Ferrakhon Hall, power forward

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