JR Center Prospect

Todd Follmer moved to California from Texas, and spent a year on his high school JV team. But then last summer he appeared on the AAU scene and many college coaches noticed the 6-11 center...

Todd Follmer, 6-11 JR C, Rancho Santa Margarita (Calif.) Santa Margarita, is a prospect with some great potential. He has great size, weighing just about 215 pounds right now, with a good body that looks like it could put on quite a bit of more weight. He has good athleticism, and good basketball skills. If he improves his aggressiveness and toughness, Follmer has a chance to be among the best centers in the west in the current junior class.

College programs certainly haven't overlooked him. He's heard, so far, from some 30 schools. He, though, has narrowed it down to a nice tidy list of 11 or so. Those include San Diego, Utah, Gonzaga, San Diego State, Stanford, California, Colorado State, New Mexico, UC Irvine, Santa Clara and Texas Tech. But there are still schools just starting to show interest that could interest Follmer. He said he just recently heard from Kansas for the first time and was excited about that. Washington assistant Cameron Dollar is scheduled to watch Follmer play soon, too.

Follmer, who moved to Orange County from Texas in the summer of 2001, played on the Santa Margarita junior varsity last season. So far, for 4-0 Santa Margarita varsity this season, Follmer is averaging 15.5 points a game and 8 rebounds a game.

Follmer said he intends to possibly verbally commit early, maybe by next summer, so he can enjoy his senior season without worrying about recruiting.

He has a 2.7 GPA and hasn't taken the SAT yet.

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