Youngest Plumlee Learns From Older Brothers

Marshall Plumlee, the third of three talented brothers, is set and ready to go for a big sophomore campaign.

Marshall Plumlee is grateful.

Having watching his two older brothers go through high school ball and the recruiting process, the 6-foot-9, 190-pound sophomore feels more prepared than majority of the 2011 prospects.

His oldest brother, Miles, is currently a freshman at Duke. The middle brother, Mason, is a senior at Arden (N.C.) Christ School, where Marshall also stars.

"I just think it's a real blessing because I know I have some good competition to go up against and what better way to practice and get better than with having two people that have already been there and done that," the youngest Plumlee said.

"They really push me and that helps," he continued. "Mason and I have done a lot of working out so far this year at Christ School and we spend a lot more time together. As far as basketball they tell me all the things I need to work on."

Working out and playing alongside his older brothers is beneficial for Marshall, but at times he has to take a step back and not get too far ahead of himself.

"The best advice I've been getting is it's a marathon not a sprint," Plumlee said. "Just because I see them going through all of this, I feel like I should be doing what they are doing right now, and it's tough. I just have to pace myself. I'm working to get there eventually."

Lately, Marshall said he's spent time working on his ball handling and jumping ability. The talented big man moves well in the post, challenges shots inside and already has a handful of go-to moves on the block.

During his freshman season he didn't get a ton of minutes at the varsity level, as he backed up his brothers. This year Marshall is expected to contribute more and he proved he's ready for the challenge just three games into the season, when he grabbed 14 rebounds in one contest.

2011 Prospect Marshall Plumlee
"I definitely feel like I'm getting a chance to go out there and play a little bit more, but we have a couple of other really good talents on the team this year and that helps," Plumlee said. "No matter what happens I just want to have fun and try to get better."

Despite his immense talent and ability at such a young age, Plumlee understands there are still a number of things he needs to improve.

"At first I had trouble with getting a little too hyped up," he said. "I went out there and got going so fast and I made some mistakes, so now I'm trying to keep hyped up on the defensive and rebounding end of the game, but take a breathe and slow down on offensive."

This past spring and summer Plumlee traveled the circuit with the Indiana Elite program and college coaches began following his every move. However, Plumlee said the recruiting process isn't his top priority right now.

"It's started a little bit," he said. "I've called some coaches and talked to some. All I remember was them getting tons and tons of letters. I guess I'm going to have to wait and see until my junior, because I'm not all that involved in the recruiting process yet."

"I've heard from a lot of schools, but I'm having trouble gauging if it's genuine interest or if I'm just on the mailing list."

Although it's still early, Plumlee has heard from Indiana, Purdue, Ohio State, Illinois, Duke, North Carolina and Notre Dame.

There's an obvious connection with Duke, as both of his brothers will play their college basketball in Durham (N.C.), and Marshall has taken a handful of unofficial visits there, including two recent trips to see Miles play.

"They are great," he said of Duke. "It's like another family. The coaches there are all great guys. I think it's a lot easier for Miles having such a great coaching staff. I'm hoping he does good at Duke and same with Mason."

An Indiana native, Plumlee has also taken a peak at one of the in-state schools. Over the summer he took an unofficial visit to Indiana and sat down with new Hoosier head coach Tom Crean.

"As far as being in Indiana, IU is the school I'm most familiar with," Plumlee said. "I took an unofficial visit there to meet the coaches, so I know the coaching staff and they are all really nice. I think coach Crean has a really good plan for IU and they are going to really get better over the next few years."

To go with visits to Duke and Indiana, Plumlee claims that he's been on a number of campuses over the past few years.

"Even before Miles and Mason went through the recruiting process, my parents made sure we visited lots of colleges," he said. "So I think I have a pretty good idea and I'm really familiar with the Big Ten campus and even went out west and saw Stanford."

Although he's looking forward to the excitement of his recruitment, Plumlee has his attention on getting better.

"To be honest I don't want to say I'm ignoring the recruiting process, but I'm really more focused on just getting better. I'm going to wait and I'm not planning on making any early decisions."

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