Jordan Hopes To Spark Interest

Marcus Jordan knows the deal. Some programs are probably scared to get involved because of his last name. The senior out of Chicago is prepared to patiently wait for the right program to come and scoop him up.

There's a name everyone seems to be forgetting when it comes to available seniors: Marcus Jordan.

The 6-foot-2 Chicago (Ill.) Whitney Young guard didn't sign with anyone as the early period passed. Following a strong summer, one would think Jordan's stock would have risen and made him a priority recruit.

At one point, the son of the world's greatest player, was close to inking with an ACC program. Miami had walked him through the recruiting process but ultimately wound up with a backcourt of Garrius Adams and Durand Scott.

"It was frustrating at first but I'm looking forward to seeing who is interested," Jordan said. "I haven't talked to a coach since Miami."

Jordan feels like he'll be in the spotlight enough this season to conjure up interest from programs nationwide. Big games dot the schedule, plus his father offered up a pearl of wisdom. "My dad told me he didn't get recruited to the middle of his senior year. We've got a big schedule."

One big game on the schedule is a nationally televised tussle in January against Renardo Sidney.

"I want to go somewhere that the team really wants me. I don't care if it's a big high D-I school; I just want to go in and play. I want to go to a school that wants me and fits into the system.

"I love to run and push the ball and find the open guy. I really want to play point guard and make my team better."

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