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BENTON, Ky. - If you love high school basketball (and good players!) then the Marshall County Hoopfest is THE place to be this weekend. brings back the blog for an action-packed weekend.

1 a.m. Forgot to finish the blog. Final game is over -- Findlay routed Montverde -- and its time to go home! (DT)

11:12 p.m. Man, the Class of 2011 has great point guard talent. Austin Rivers, Marques Teague … Myck Kabongo! And there's more! (DT)

10:46 p.m. Former UK star Jeff Sheppard and two gentlemen with disabilities teamed up to make a layup, free three, 3-pointer and halfcourt shot for $1,000. It was really cool and it was a guy they call "GameDay" making the halfcourt heave! Everybody in the place was on their feet! (DT)

10:39 p.m. We've reached halftime of our second to last game. St. Benedict's and is up on Whitney Young by a score of 30-18. Tristan Thompson has made a few nice moves in the paint. (ED)

9:56 p.m. It was a fair fight in overtime as each team was without a star (Guyn and Williams fouled out) and Duncanville prevailed. Just what we needed an OT game WITH television timeouts. BTW, Julian Washburn saved the day for Duncanville. (DT)

9:45 p.m. In what has been one of the better games of the night, Duncanville stormed back in the fall minute to take a two point lead with 10 seconds left. Scott County's Chad Jackson hit a floater with 2.4 seconds left forcing overtime. (ED)

9:35 p.m. The nation's top rated high school basketball team is in danger of losing their third straight game. Scott County is up five with the ball with a little over a minute remaining. Ge-Lawn Guyn has turned it up for Scott County, while Julian Washburn has paced Duncanville.

8:32 p.m. Ah, the commercialization of high school basketball. The dreaded TV timeouts have infiltrated the Hoopfest. In related news, Scott County has Duncanville right where it wants it 21-18 in the second quarter. (DT)

8:29 p.m. Duncanville and Scott County are already in the second quarter. It's a tie game right now. Perry Jones looks like a heck of a prospect for Duncanville. Scott County freshman Tamron Manning just dropped in a floater. Kid has some potential.

8:21 p.m. College coaches are still rolling in. Illinois head coach Bruce Weber and Southern Illinois head coach Chris Lowery showed up to the Hoopfest not too long ago. Tennessee, Texas, Arkansas, South Carolina, Oklahoma State, UT-Martin all have assistants in the house as well. Also, Rick Pitino is expected to be here for the final game.(ED)

7:15 p.m. Now that the good football games are winding down, you might want to watch some hoopball. If you're interested, is doing live streaming of the games. Hurry, Jeromy Jones is gettin' loose for Simeon. (DT)

6:34 p.m. Oak Hill and Chicago (Ill.) Simeon are set to tango. The Warriors are without Keith "Tiny" Gallon. Simeon has Brandon Spearman and talented underclassman Tywon Pickney.

6:21 p.m. The Hoopfest isn't a great place for top 10 teams. Yesterday it was Duncanville that went down, today it was Wheeler. Callaway, led by Julysses Nobles and sophomore sensation Deville Smith, knocked off the Georgia power.

5:22 p.m. Jackson (Miss.) Callaway and Marietta (Ga.) Wheeler have hit the floor and there are a different level of athletes playing now. Wheeler has Ari Stewart, Richard Howell and Phil Taylor among others, while Callaway has a talented sophomore point guard in Deville Smith. (ED)

5:05 p.m. Despite losing by double digits, Jon Hood put up a big time effort. The future Kentucky player went for 30 points and 16 rebounds. (ED)

4 p.m. Dear Jon Hood, keep your head up. (DT)

3:58 p.m. We flat out feel sorry for Jon Hood. The kid is out here ballin' and he's not only playing against Marshall County, but he's also playing against three refs. He's got 19 at half time, majority coming off pull-up jumpers. (ED)

3:39 p.m. The gym was just cleared for the second session of games. First game on tap is Madisonville North Hopkins versus Marshall County. They stands filled back up quickly, I'm guessing Jon Hood is a big reason why. He scored Madisonville's first seven points. (ED)

2:22 p.m. Tiny Gallon is on the shelf. They're taking pictures of the knee today and he's not going to be able to go. (DT)

2:18 p.m. Going to be a good day for Oak Hill. Their gear shop hasn't opened yet and four people are waiting by the table in anticipation of being able to buy stuff. Yes, the Warriors are big here! (DT)

1:55 p.m. Joe Jackson just flushed on Jared Sullinger on a fast break. After picking himself up off the ground he pointed at Tennessee assistant Steve Forbes and thumped his chest. That has to be a good sign for the Volunteers! (ED)

1:41 p.m. The heat in the Marshall County gym just picked up a bit. Memphis (Tenn.) White Station and Columbus (Ohio) Northland have taken the floor, and their are a lot of prospects on the court. Travis Ford and John Pelphrey are here to see Ferrakohn Hall. We'll call it a try out, as they are trying to see how good he is. (ED)

1:19 p.m. Life's about making the most of your opportunities. Meet Matt St. John's, a 6-8 junior center for South Laurel. Good passer, nice size, limited athletically. Size and feel will get you a scholarship. (DT)

11:44 a.m. After sitting out the second quarter and being a non-factor in the third, Vee Sanford exploded in the fourth quarter and hit a handful of deep three-pointers. We had a hunch this kid could make a move for some offers and if he keeps this up schools will come calling. He dialed in for 29 in Lexington (Ky.) Catholic's win over Paducah (Ky.) Tilghman. (ED)

10:38 a.m. Having a Tyshawn Edmondson moment here. At last year's Hoopfest he heated himself up. Could Lexington Catholic's Vee Sanford impersonate him? Sure looks like he's going to be a legit option for good mid-level schools. (DT)

10:20 a.m. We're back in the gym and ready for a long, but exciting day of action. The first boys game of the day is Lexington (Ky.) Catholic against Paducah (Ky.) Tilghman. We're looking forward to seeing how Catholic senior Vee Sanford looks. He's averaging over 20 a game up to this point. (ED)


12:48 p.m. The night cap finished with Briarcrest winning by a handful of points. Tomorrow consists of nine boys games starting at 10:30 and running till likely past midnight.

11:37 p.m Briarcrest is up three heading to the final quarter. They've got four potential DI players; Homewood Flossmoor is out-manned (on paper that is). McDonald has 9 points.

10:40 p.m.Behind a 18-point, 10 rebound effort by Tristan Thompson, Newark (N.J.) St. Benedict beat Jackson (Miss.) Provine by 16 points. Next up is Leslie McDonald's Briarcrest squad against Homewood Flossmoor.

9:49 p.m. Mature beyond his years in high school: Myck Kabongo. Great pace, feel and value for the basketball. Major asset for St. Benedict's. (DT)

9:16 p.m.Shortly after Oak Hill knocked off Duncanville by a score of 69-57, Keith "Tiny" Gallon, who was slightly injured in the game, was mobbed by autographing seeking fans. One kid had the guts to ask the 6-foot-9, 275-pounder for his shoes. The response: "I need these dog!" (ED)

8:34 p.m..Travis Ford and assistant coach Butch Pierre are sitting a few rows behind the Duncanville bench. The former Kentucky player is back in the state to watch Duncanville standouts Reger Dowell and Roger Franklin. Both are Oklahoma State signees. On the court Oak Hill has built a double digit lead and is up 61-51 with 2 minutes to go.(ED)

8:19 p.m.The Oak Hill/Duncanville game hasn't been the match up we expected. It is a close game, as it's 42 to 38 with a minute to go in the third quarter, but guys on both sides are taking bad, ill-advised shots. There's a lot of talent on the floor, but not much passing and lots of one-on-one each way. (ED)

8:11 p.m. Marshall County's gym seats 6,000. Last year 7,200 people showed up which is way cool for a high school game. One thing doesn't add up: there are only 4,380 people in Benton, Ky. (DT)

7:55 p.m. Oklahoma coach Jeff Capel flew in to see Gallon and its not looking like he's going to be able to see much in the second half. Noticeably limping with a constant grimace when in the game, Gallon watched most of the second quarter. Capel was joined in the gym by Oklahoma State's Travis Ford, an obvious crowd favorite in this state. (DT)

7:38 p.m. Oak Hill was rolling until Tiny Gallon left midway through the first. With the score tied 8-8 and the OU signee looking sensational, Oak Hill began unraveling without him. Duncanville led 16-8 after a quarter. Tiny, who is looking trim, continues to elevate his game and add pieces to his skill set. He returned from the locker room to start the second quarter. (DT)

7:22 p.m.First game is over. Marshall County scored a 79-75 win. There were some shaky calls down the stretch. Oak Hill now warming up. Nothing gets Marshall County more excited than the Red, Gold and Black throwing down some warm up dunks! (ED)

6:59With the amount of talent expected for this event there will be plenty of college coaches in attendance. The first ones have appeared. Western Kentucky assistant Ray Harper, Texas assistant Chris Ogden, Auburn assistant Bryan Bartley and Oklahoma head coach Jeff Capel are in the house! (ED)

6:31 Hey, this is a big time event and that's the main reason why Oak Hill is here. A pretty good secondary reason is the Oak Hill school store they set up in the lobby! They sell Warriors gear and let me tell you, this concession is recession proof! (DT)

6:21 p.m.The Hoopfest is one of our favorite events to cover. Every year the lineup is full of the top teams and top prospects. This year is no different. Among the guys that we'll evaluate over the next two days are: Keith Gallon, Doron Lamb, Roger Franklin, Shawn Williams, Perry Jones, Reger Dowell, Tristan Thompson, Myck Kabongo, Leslie Jackson, Tyler Griffey, Joe Jackson, Andre Hollins, Jared Sullinger, J.D. Weatherspoon, Jon Hood, Richard Howell, Ari Stewart, Ge-Lawn Guyn, Dakotuh Euton, Chad Jackson, Richie Phares, Chris Colvin, Sam Thompson, Avery Bradley, Cory Joseph, Carlos Lopez, D.J. Richardson and Ruslan Pateev. (ED)

6:14 p.m. The first game of the night is a mere tune up compared to the rest of the evening. With that said, the home town team, Marshall County, is off to a great start and have secured a 12-point half time lead over Obion County Central. (ED)

5:45 p.m. The student sections are already in full gear. The Marshall County students are barking at their opponents, while Obion County Central's students are taking their aggression out on the refs with this chant: "I'm blind. I'm deaf. I wanna be a ref!" (ED)

5:40 p.m. If you think we're reaching for material, you're right. HOWEVER, check back later tonight after Oak Hill battles Duncanville (yes, that's big time!), St. Bene's tangles with Provine and Leslie McDonald brings Briarcrest to the table against Homewood Flossmoor! (DT)

5:00 p.m. Little birdie told us that next year there's likely to be a significant tournament in Charlotte, N.C., featuring Oak Hill and a handful of heavy hitting national level teams. (DT)

4:30 p.m. This event is a big deal. It's an hour before the first game – which doesn't have any Division I players – and there are 10 media members here already. (DT)

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