Marshall County Profile: Vee Sanford

BENTON, Ky. – Among the biggest stories during the first session on Saturday at the Marshall County Hoopfest was Vee Sanford. The combo guard shot Lexington (Ky.) Catholic to a victory over Paducah (Ky.) Tilghman.

Last season Vee Sanford was just trying to fit in. This year, he's in his second season at Catholic and he's turned into the go-to guy.

On Saturday against Paducah Tilighman Sanford worked it to the tune of six three-pointers and 29 points. Down the stretch it was Sanford taking the shots and he proved himself as at least a mid-level prospect.

"Paducah Tilghman is a really good team," Sanford said after the game. "Coach told us that we just had to come out and play and that's what we did."

Sanford put up big efforts in his first two games of the season and his third wasn't any different. The difference is, this game was on a big stage in front of a handful of college coaches and national scouts.

Not a true point guard, but with the ability to play it, Sanford has improved his ability to handle the ball, is a better decision maker and has become a terrific long range shooter.

"Any defense that is thrown at me, my coach just always tells me to attack it the best that I can and take open shots and just to be aggressive," Sanford said.

Bradley and Miami (Ohio) have been the biggest pursuers at this point, but in recent weeks he's heard from Kentucky, Indiana, Nebraska, Notre Dame, Dayton and SMU. Tennessee was in Marshall County to personally scout him as well.

"It's improved a whole lot," he said of his recruitment. "Last year I just had VCU and Eastern. This year because of the way I performed over the summer and from being patient colleges have stepped in."

"He's open to everybody," Lexington Catholic head coach Brandon Salsman said.

Out of high school Sanford's father, Vince, originially signed with the University of Kentucky and played three years at South Florida. Having a father that's been the process is a major plus.

"He tells me a lot of things and this is a business," Sanford said. "He said I'm not supposed to take anything personal if colleges move on, it's just a business."

A native of Kentucky, Sanford has picked up interest from the hometown school. According to Sanford the Wildcats are recruiting him and want him to prep for a year.

"They offered me for the class of 2010, so they want me to go to a prep school," he said. "I feel comfortable with the players. I know them pretty well."

Sanford was adamant that his recruitment is still open. He'll hit the court again this week as Lexington Catholic plays at Lexington (Ky.) Christian on Thursday.

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