Marshall County: Day Two Rundown

BENTON, Ky.– Another Hoopfest is on the books. St. Benedict's and Findlay Prep flexed their muscle Saturday night and it was a point guard named Kabongo who made the strongest impression outside of Avery Bradley.

Avery Bradley, SG, Findlay Prep – The Las Vegas crew beat Montverde by 17 and Bradley once again set the tone. His first four shots splashed from different locations on the perimeter and his defense once again became the story. He's a guy you have to factor into the player of the year conversation if Findlay keeps winning. He finished with 18 points.

D.J. Richardson, SG, Findlay – With his future college coach in the building, Richardson showed you a little bit of everything. Slashed, made a few jumpers and the confidence level was high in accumulating 14 points.

Jon Hood, SF, N. Hopkins – Let me be honest. In my 12 years on the job I've seen some great players on bad teams. Travis Outlaw was a heckuva one-man show! Hood, well, let's just say he's got his work cut out for him. He's going to see junk defenses, double-teams and today hometown refs that must be Louisville fans. If he doesn't get 40 a night his team won't have much of a chance to win. To his credit he kept his composure and encouraged his guys. 30 and 16 boards.

Vee Sanford, PG, Lex. Catholic – Strange game but a good one. After stripping the nets for 16 in the first quarter he sat the remainder of the half with fouls. He didn't scratch in the third before going bonkers in the final quarter to finish with 28. What we like: size, deep stroke, potential to be a wiry long defender (father played at South Florida). Needs to finish stronger and stay focused, avoiding the lulls and impacting consistently. Expect a mid-major rush with the big boys taking turns peeking at him just in case.

Tyler Griffey, PF, Lafayette – His top attribute is his touch. He prefers to catch, face and look to get his shot off. At Illinois, he's going to need to make a commitment to rebounding because at his size it's part of the job description. Jumper started going down late and his team made it a contest before running out of bullets. 20 points in the four-point loss.

Chris Colvin, PG, Whitney Young – Good score for Iowa State. Can get in the paint, finish or dish. Still needs to take better care of the ball and sharpen his decisions. Regardless, he's an athletic talent and dropped eight dimes.

Jeremy Jones, SG, Simeon – Had the jumper working and was tuning up Oak Hill. Still unsigned, he's not very strong but sees the floor and makes shots. Lower level guy who should earn looks this year provided he makes the grade in the classroom.

Jared Sullinger, C, Northland – If here were a hockey player, his style would be dump and chase. Sully gets into position, squares up and shoots it at the rim. Make or miss he's committed to hunting the board. Body is looking better, liked the spin moves. Caught it in the mid post and went to work. Last summer he was a block beast, now with some of the weight gone he's expanded his game and reduced his waistline. We've said it before: there may be better prospects but there won't be guys who win at the rate he does and scratch out the numbers he's going to hang on people. 23 points, credited with 6 rebounds (he had way more than that).

Tristan Thompson, PF, St. Bene's – Had Marcus Jordan extremely frustrated to start the game. Defensively his wingspan was tough for Jordan to deal with. Scored it with length to the tune of 18 points.

James Bell, SF/SG, Montverde – The buzz around the gym centered around his body and aggressive parts of his game. Nobody on Montverde had a great shooting night though Bell scored 18 points. From the summer until now you'd say he's made strides with his overall game. A sizable wing with strength and very good athleticism, you figure he's earmarked to be a bucket maker at Villanova.

Papa Samba Ndao, PF, Montverde – He had 14 and shot it just 4-for-14 but that's not the story. His ability – with great size – to relocate and move into his shot is advanced for his position. We're enamored with bigs who have his skill set and he's responding to instruction and improving in that area.

Joe Jackson, PG, White Station – Sullinger's team won the war but Jackson captured a mini-battle. Jackson exploded and dunked it right over Sullinger (no, we don't have a photo but somebody else does). BTW, Sullinger paid him back and took a charge. This has been a tough building for the second year in a row for Jackson. Speed is his friend; the shots will go down but not today. Finished with 18 points.

Julian Washburn, SF, Duncanville – He was the guy most reliable for the Texans. We hold him to a high standard because he's loaded with talent. This was a game of effort and hustle and he was around the ball. Finished with 20 points.

Matt St. John, C, South Laurel – Like this guy. Big kid, great feel. Passed the ball to cutters with purpose. Touch on his fadeaway shot. Body is a little soft but that can change. Could be a kid mid-level schools put on the watchlist. If he can improve his footspeed and quickness he's got a chance. 23 points for the victors.

Myck Kabongo, PG, St. Bene's – The numbers won't wow you but his command of the game is special. He's part of a class loaded with good points and this is one of the elite members. Exactly what you want in a lead guard and when he rips the 3-pointer in coming seasons it'll be over. Doesn't make mistakes, just sets guys up and takes care of the ball; he's got Dan Hurley's complete trust. Special.

Deville Smith, PG, Callaway – It's tough to beat good guards on any level and Callaway's duo of Julysses Nobles and Smith combined for 52 points. Smith has speed and confidence with his dribble. He goes about 6-feet and though he can score it, seems like a guy who sees the court well. Exciting young player with high-major potential.

Sam Thompson, SF, Whitney Young – Since his town has lots of talent the 6-5+ wing is a bit further down in the pecking order for now. Long, lean but smooth with his offense. He's got high-major tattooed all over him.

Kentucky likes Vee Sanford; his father signed with UK back in the day. However, their vision is a year of prep then Lexington. Bradley hosted him on an official visit. … Tiny Gallon didn't play tonight as they are awaiting word on the status of his injured knee. …

White Station's Andre Hollins is adding to his game. Last summer he was a sniper now he's going off the bounce to the hole. Mix in the fact that he's yet to obtain anything other than an "A" on his report card and you see where this one is going. …

Until his eggs got scrambled, sophomore center Marvin Williams wasn't afraid of Sullinger. He's a solid prospect. … J.D. Weatherspoon picked a great league for his game. Ultra-athletic but not a skyscraper, he'll be able to use his athleticism at the power forward and have a bigger role. …

Thought Ari Stewart's smooth jumper had its moments. He scored 18. Tajh Tate has 20, most of which came in the first half. Tate's a mid-major with bounce and a body. … Pe'Shon Howard dropped six assists and took care of the ball. … Doron Lamb made a pair of 3s in the final quarter that helped Oak Hill. …

Better HoopFest this time around for Dakotah Euton. He had 15 and 15. … Don't sleep on Rice's recruiting class. Tamir Jackson is just one of many for St. Bene's but pair him with Arsalan Kazemi and you're cooking with Rice. … Another good outing for Tristan Thompson. He had 18 and looked the part. … Findlay's Cory Joseph is shooting it to the tune of 60 percent on the year. He went 2-for-5 on Saturday. …

Duncanville's Roger Franklin turned in a workmanlike effort, a much needed game to get him back on track after Friday's setback. ...

Andre Hollins has interest from Stanford, Florida, Ole Miss and Tennessee; Memphis a little. … Matt St. John has interest from Eastern Kentucky and Western Kentucky. …

Head Coaches – Illinois, Arkansas, Oklahoma State, Southern Illinois.

Assistants – Texas, Tennessee, South Carolina, Oklahoma State, UT-Martin.

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