Kabongo Ranks Among 2011's Top PGs

Myck Kabongo, one of the top sophomore point guards, not only is leading his high school team but could he be an Olympic leader down the road?

Don't look now but the pipeline of talent from Canada to the United States is as strong as it's ever been. Guards Junior Cadougan (Scout.com No. 50) and Jason Calliste are seniors and good players. However, the wealth of underclassmen hailing from the north is the greatest export.

Canada was cannon fodder for Team USA last summer during its pre-Olympic games, but young kids like point guard Myck Kabongo have a vested interest in changing those roles. "Just wait," Kabongo said. "We'll see what happens in eight years."

The St. Benedict's sophomore point guard could find himself in a situation where he and current teammate Tristan Thompson hold a reunion with their friends on the Olympic stage. Thompson is Scout.com's No. 1 prospect in 2010.

In the meantime, Kabongo is getting better and expanding his role and game at Newark (N.J.) St. Benedict's. He was amongst the most impressive underclass guards at the Marshall County Hoopfest.

"It's my team now," Kabongo said. "I've got to lead these guys. I might be a sophomore but it's my team to lead. The older guys accepted it and I just took it.

"My defense is better, I'm getting stronger and faster. My body is developing and that's a big difference."

St. Benedict's is loaded and its not just Thompson and Kabongo though they certainly are the central figures. "I just want to get him the ball. He's like my brother. I make sure his head is right and make sure he gets the ball a lot."

Thompson is headed to Texas. Last year, Kabongo visited the Longhorns with him and Texas sent an assistant to spy on both last weekend. However, Kabongo's been to Seton Hall, Villanova and Rutgers as well.

"I want to get the feel of everything before I make my decision."

Florida, Texas, Kansas, Duke, Villanova, Rutgers, Seton Hall and USC are amongst the bigger names keeping an eye on him. The reality of the situation is that he can play a large role for all those programs provided he keeps developing.

After his effort at Marshall County, there's no doubt that right now he's worthy of mention among the elite players at his position in 2011. Guys who lead, communicate and distribute are tough to find.

Kabongo's a commodity and a good one.

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