Thomas, A Junior, Re-Opens Recruitment

Like many before him, Anthony Thomas committed too soon. One of the top juniors in North Carolina, he's back on the board after de-committing.

It's been a hectic month for junior wing Anthony Thomas. Prior to Thanksgiving, he switched schools and moved from Quality Education to Veritas Sports Academy near Winston-Salem, N.C.

On the court, his game appeared to take a big turn and it became quite clear that Western Carolina had gleened a big time commitment from a young man it thought would be an impact player for them in the Southern Conference.

On Thursday night, Thomas called the Catamounts and broke the news that he would be re-opening his recruitment. "They took it good," Thomas told "They said they still love me very much and they're going to recruit me the same way."

Thomas pledged after the summer to the Catamounts. Since then he's been able to demonstrate a rise in his game. A big perimeter player, he's comfortable inside the line and is a must-see for both mid and high-level programs.

Like many of his peers, Thomas simply pulled the trigger too early. Genuinely excited to be a Catamount when he made the decision, Thomas – like his peers before him – realized it was too soon.

"There can be a downside to committing early because since we're so young that we can have a change of heart but to each it's own. For me, there was a downside."

Thomas indicated he's going to get contacted by places like Maryland, South Florida, Auburn and Florida, all of which have seen him. We think there's going to be a rush of interest and plenty will swing by to evaluate him.

He's coach by Keith Gatlin, a former Maryland Terrapin standout who is in his first year at Veritas Sports Academy.

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