Republic Bank Holiday Classic Recap

LEXINGTON, Ky. -- After traveling the state of Florida for a few days, we took in two days at the Republic Bank Holiday Classic at Lexington Catholic. Vee Sanford and Jon Hood headlined the event, but a handful of underclassmen as well.

Vee Sanford, PG, Lexington Catholic – There's been a lot of talk about this 6-foot-2 combo guard recently. During the Holiday Classic, Sanford took the court, but it was clear that the tendonitis in his knee was still bothering him. On Friday he went for 21 points and shot the ball relatively well. He's turned into a consistent long range shooter and has developed a floater that finds the bottom of the net more often than not. Saturday, Sanford finished with 17 points, despite only playing the second half.

Jon Hood, SF, Madisonville – It's tough to evaluate Hood with his high school team. As we've noted in the past, there's not much talent surrounding him and often times it's tough for him to receive the ball in scoring position. With that said, Hood was solid, but didn't show off his best game in front of his future fans. He did, however, fight for rebounds more than we've seen in the past. He didn't shoot it well from deep, but did hit a bunch of mid-range jumpers, which we are quickly finding out is his bread and butter.

Josh Sewell, SG, Trinity – Over the course of the past year, Sewell has earned looks from a number of solid mid-level programs and we expect that interest to continue. The 6-foot-2, possibly 6-3, guard scores it well off the bounce and has a good-looking, college ready frame. His long-range shooting will need to become more consistent, but he's developed a strong mid-range game and has the chance to be a solid defender down the road.

Aaron Watts, SG, McCreary County – Due to his location, Watts doesn't get many chances to be seen, so he has to take advantage of situations like the Holiday Classic. This time around, he did. The 6-foot-1 guard is a bit undersized for the two spot, so he'll have to continue to develop his lead guard skills. But he can score it, whether it be off the dribble attacking the basket or off of pull-up jumpers. He's got a solid frame, a nice handle and a pretty consistent jump shot. He's probably a lower level guy, but he certainly can play Division-I ball.

Vinny Zollo, PF/C, Clark County – Not the main focal point for Clark County, the complaint thus far from many has been that Zollo doesn't get enough touches. Friday and Saturday he got touches, but struggled to find the bottom of the net, so he had to find other ways to contribute. On Friday it was on the boards, where he grabbed 15. Saturday he was active swatting shots. He scored 15 points in the two games.

Robbie Stenzel, SG, Clark County – Both days, this 6-foot-4 guard played like he was the best player on the floor. He can shoot it out to 23-feet, but isn't afraid to put it on the deck and attack the rim. He's still going to have to continue to improve his mid-range game, as he's prone to charges, but he's definitely capable of scoring off the bounce. Stenzel scored 30 points in his two games this past weekend.

Jaylen Beckham, PG, Lexington Catholic – It's still early with Beckham, but he has the look of a pretty solid point guard. Already getting a bunch of playing time for Lexington Catholic, he handles a good majority of their point guard responsibilities. At 6-foot-1, he has good size for the spot, has no problem getting to the basket and has impressive court vision.

Chris Harrison, PG, Trinity – Friday night was a night that a freshman point guard would want to forget. Frazzled at times, Harrison turned it over against the press and struggled to get it going. Saturday was a different story. The 5-foot-11 guard was able to show off his quickness, strong handle and reliable jumper in a loss to Clark County. He's still developing, but he's clearly talented and has already picked up mid-level interest.

Vee Sanford made it clear that he's planning to wait out the recruiting process. Following his game on Saturday he said, ‘I'm just waiting. I'm just being patient."

He currently has offers from Miami (OH), Bradley, St. Louis, Toledo and Nebraska. He's also heard from VCU, SMU, Marshall, Cincinnati, South Florida and Kentucky.

Kentucky head coach Billy Gillispie and Nebraska head coach Doc Sadler were both at the Lexington Catholic/McCreary County game to evaluate Vee Sanford.

This concludes our coverage from the Republic Bank Holiday Classic

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