Rod Re-Visited

Class of 2010 wing Rod Odom continues to fly under the radar. Why? Well, for one reason snow. He's only been able to play two games so far this season.

There are lots of ways to remain under the radar. Getting snowed out is pretty unique but it's happened to Middlesex and junior standout Rod Odom a few times this season.

Thus far, the 6-foot-8 Odom has played only two games this year. In blowouts, Odom put up strong numbers but hasn't been tested yet. That will come later this month against powerful St. Mark's.

Odom's coach, Jamie Gallagher, sees a wealth of potential in his budding standout. Not only has he grown quite a bit in the last year, Odom is on the verge of taking the next step.

"Not only does he have something to prove, he wants to prove it," Gallagher said. "He wants to show what he's got. I think a lot of schools saw him over the summer but now that he's 6-8 … even the mechanics on his jump shot have improved."

Boston College, West Virginia and Seton Hall have offered the New York native. Stanford is showing strong interest. Ditto for Arkansas and Xavier. Georgetown, the Ivy's, Virginia and Memphis are dabbling.

"I should be going down and visiting schools during March break," Odom said. He'd like to see Stanford, Seton Hall and West Virginia. Memphis and UVA are on his list of must-see schools as well.

The bottom line is as much as Odom would like to see the schools, they need to see him as well.

"Right now he gets to the rim," Gallagher said. "He's really slick and he can attack. With our other post guy we run high/low but in the open court when he's going to the rim that's what he does best."

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