2011's Chol Heating Up

One of the treasures in Pac-10 country is Sudanese sophomore Angelo Chol. He's averaging a triple-double for San Diego Hoover this season.

Angelo Chol's path to Division I basketball is going to be a lot different than most of his peers. Chol came to the U.S. as an eight year old and didn't pick up a basketball until the seventh grade.

"He couldn't even walk and make a lay-up," San Diego Hoover coach Ollie Goulston told Scout.com. "We started working with him, he came to our camp and his aptitude is so high he just accelerated quickly. Growing to be 6-foot-9 doesn't hurt either."

And there you have it, 6-9 sophomore Angelo Chol is now a bonafide D-I prospect and not just a regular old center either. He's the object of affection for a lot of programs already and more are going to come looking.

Head coach from Washington and Arizona State have offered and been in the gym to see him. UCLA has sent assistants and Florida will dispatch a coach to see him this month.

"He doesn't know all this stuff that goes on. He doesn't know the difference between UCLA and UC-Irvine. He's such a humble kid that stuff doesn't matter. He could go anywhere in the country. What's important to him is relationships and finding people who are going to help him get better. "

Goulston's big man is putting up strong numbers across the board. He's accounting for nearly 14 points, 11.7 blocks and 14.6 rebounds. Jeff Withey's section record of 241 blocks in a season is in serious jeopardy.

Chol has a way to go but he's tracking early at a high level. His size is a major asset and we're projecting him as one of the West Coast's best in his 2011 class.

"His confidence has grown and his strength is grown. His ability to make shots is improving. He's got an array of different shots that he can take and make. He doesn't realize how good he could be."

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