Pressey: "... Let Me Make Plays"

Phil Pressey is the son of a former three-time first-team all-NBA defensive player. He's sub-six-feet, can dunk and knows how to lead. Pressey lends insight into what he's looking for collegiately.

Phil Pressey talks to his dad almost every day about basketball. His father, Paul, a Tulsa graduate and three-time all-defensive player in the NBA, is an assistant with the New Orleans Hornets.

However, Phil missed out on seeing his dad play at the highest level. "When I was born he had just retired and started coaching," Pressey said. Dad isn't much to brag, but he does "When he does, he talks about how he played defense against the best and he knows what he's talking about."

This season, Pressey made the move from Boston to Dallas and Texas is the state where more of his family resides. Pressey said he's mobile in terms of his college decisions and since he's been all over the country, location isn't a huge deal.

Pressey said he feels the most heat from Florida, Baylor and Oklahoma, Kentucky recently called, Texas has been consistent and Missouri has reached out. Wake Forest has gone to see him as well.

Pressey's putting himself in position to make a great decision. He'll be well-armed with information. "It's pretty much who they have now and what available playing time that are important in the decision."

Forget style and tempo, just put the rock in his hands. "It's pretty much that the coach is going to give me the ball and let me make plays. I don't care if it's up-tempo of half court. I just want to have the ball in my hands."

Pressey is accounting for 21 points and over 10 dimes a game. His late time out, the diminutive point corralled himself 15 rebounds. "They made me player of the week because of those," Pressey chuckled.

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