One on One With Jamil Wilson

Jamil Wilson nearly signed in the early period. Now he's mixing his senior season with trying to make a college decision. The Racine (Wisc.) Horlick standout broke it all down for us at

How is your season going?
Right now it's going pretty good. We are 8-1 and 5-0 in conference. So right now we are doing pretty good I guess.

What about you individually, how do you think your senior season has gone so far?
I think it's started out great. I couldn't ask for a better start. Through the first nine games I'm averaging right around 25 points and like six rebounds. My team has done a great job of getting me the ball and I've done a good job of getting things done and making plays for other people. So individually I'm working on a lot of things that I'm going to use at the next level as far as running the court and making the extra pass. The start has been pretty well.

How hard is it knowing that everyone is gunning for you on a nightly basis because of the reputation you've built locally and nationally?
Everyone is going to gun at us just because I'm on the team and it makes it worse because last year we didn't lose too many, so a lot of people around here have a chip on their shoulder. I don't think teams will stop gunning at me until I retire. It's fun though. I love to play against people that come out and play aggressive, so I like the competitiveness.

Has the recruiting process been weighing on you any?
It slowed down for a while because I decided not to sign. I actually watched the teams that are recruiting me and I thought that was a good decision on my part because know I can see what is what and see which team is doing well and how they are playing and what each team needs. But the more I think about it, time is kind of weighing in and I have about a month and a half to decide on where I want to go. It's coming down to crunch time. I'm going to get together with my dad and talk about the pros and cons about things and just make it happen.

A lot of people thought you were going to sign early, what made you wait?
When it came down to it me and my dad and some of my family we sat down and we put out everything that we liked and everything that we didn't like and we tried to pick a school. The last couple of days my dad told me I had three days [to decide] and to just wake up and go with what I felt. But I didn't feel like I was comfortable with a school at that moment in time, so I didn't want to jump into a school that I wasn't comfortable with myself. So I ended up waiting and I'm trying to sit back and watch things. The problem with recruiting is they're recruiting you as a player and if you go out on the circuit you don't know what teams are recruiting you at first. Then once it's over you're going off what they tell you and how they try to recruit you and tell you what you want to hear. That's what I didn't feel comfortable with I tried to step back and watch and see if what they said was true.

Who is it down to?
It's Texas, Michigan State and Oregon, but I think Marquette is still interested. I've seen them floating around at a couple, maybe two or three of my games, so I think they still have an interest. Like my dad said it's a blessing to have them looking at you, so I might throw them in the mix too because there's no place like home.

What's the next step with the whole recruiting process? Are you going to try and take more visits?
I've pretty much seen all of the places and when I was there I was locked in and focused about what I needed to see in order to be a player there or a person living there in a year or two. I've pretty much seen all I needed to see and I would even call home and ask my dad if there was something in particular he wanted me to look at while I was down there. I'm pretty much good with that.

Lets break down the four schools in the mix. Starting with Texas, what sticks out about those guys?
With Texas and the Big 12 it's a very up-tempo, physical game and there's a lot of opportunities in such a big spotlight like that. Texas is a great program and they've always had a great program. I think what really got me is that coach [Rick] Barnes said I reminded him of a young Kevin Durant type player, but one that plays better defense I guess. That was his big joke when I was there, that no one played defense worse than Kevin. He said he could see me playing 20 or 25 minutes a night and putting up big numbers coming in as a freshman maybe, but he was pretty sure that my sophomore year would be my year. That was one of the things that stuck out to me. He had a lot of confidence in me and he saw me in the big picture, so that was good.

Michigan State?
I know a couple of players over there. I've played with Delvon [Roe], I've played with Korie [Lucious] and I knew Chris Allen through AAU basketball, so if I went there I wouldn't feel like I would have to say, ‘Hi I'm Jamil from so-so' it'd just be like going into a family I'd already know. The coaches over there are exceptionally great. I really like coach [Tom] Izzo, coach [Dwayne] Stephens and [Mark] Montgomery. When I went over there I just had a good time with all the guys. It was a like family away from home.

Word on the street is that the Pac-10 is the new style of basketball. It's really fast, up-tempo, get into the lane and the scores are sky-rocketing. The more points you score, the more points your teammates score, the happier everyone is and that's how you get exposure I guess. I like their style of play and how they get up and down and play so fast. It's just a great style of play.

It's home pretty much. It's 20 minutes away from my house. I could drive to school and drive back. Plus I know a couple of people that go there and I've been up there all the time. I was born and raised in Wisconsin and going to school in Wisconsin would make me a hometown hero I guess. Plus their style of play is really different because coach [Buzz] Williams is bringing a new style of play to the Big East and he's just looking for a real good point and really good big man. Then he wants three athletic players that he can fill in those spots. He wants to get up and down and run and I think he's using a different strategy that's working out well for him so far.

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