High School Basketball Notebook (Jan. 20)

This past week was full of action on and off the court. The NCAA upheld a new rule, which will affect recruiting in a big way, and there were a pair of big man match ups that are worth noting.

NCAA Gets This One Wrong

There are a number of things in youth basketball that need to be changed, but doing away with the April Evaluation period is not one of them.

With the spring evaluation period eliminated, there isn't a time for college coaches to see recruits in game action during the off-season. This will lead to fewer overall evaluations and more misevaluations, which leads to more transfers.

Jeff Goodman, of Fox Sports, organized a conference call last year consisting of a handful of college coaches, AAU coaches, high school coaches, players and others involved in the recruiting process.

Anthony Grant Goes On Record
Out of the 13 people involved in Goodman's conference call, all 13 were in favor of keeping the April Evaluation period open. Anthony Grant made it clear which side of the fence he was on.

"I feel as though the period should stay," Grant told Goodman. "It's good all the way around, for the kids and the coaches."

This move will not only affect college coaches, but the prospective athletes as well. Guys like Kyle Fogg (Arizona) and Hank Thorns (Virginia Tech), who went into the spring evaluation period unsigned and earned scholarships just months before they were to head to college.

"I disagree with them getting rid of April," Thorns said to Goodman. "It really helped me out – and it helps plenty of other kids, too."

Vinson Should Be Hot Target

Although Terrell Vinson still doesn't hold his release from Loyola Marymount, when he does receive it he'll become one of the more highly recruited prospects in the 2009 class.

A quick glance at Scout.com's top ranked power forward explains exactly why Vinson should get plenty of attention from college coaches when he gets his release from LMU. Of the top 35 power forwards, only Renardo Sidney and Vinson are available.

Sidney's recruitment has a bit of a mystery and only a handful of schools are involved. With Vinson there's a chance to get involved with a Top 100 prospect, that will likely start the recruiting process all over.

Prior to picking Loyola Marymount, he also considered Maryland, Georgetown and Villanova.

Favors vs Cousins

Two of the top post prospects did battle in Birmingham (Ala.) this past week.

Majority of the time, hyped up match ups don't materialize, but when Derrick Favors and DeMarcus Cousins went head to head, the nation got to see just why each is considered a top 10 prospect.

Favors Drops 38
Favors, Scout.com's top rated prospect, went for an impressive 38 points and 17 rebounds in the loss to LeFlore. The 6-foot-9 Georgia Tech commit not only showed his dominance on the block, but also stepped away and hit a handful of mid-range jumpers.

Although Favors' point total was much higher than Cousins, the 6-foot-10 center more than held his own in the pairing. He put up 21 points, snagged 12 rebounds and swatted five shots.

For a guy his size, Cousins moves very well and he showed that on national television. Using his mobility, he attacked the rim and on one possession he spun off a defender and threw down a powerful dunk. He also displayed his range, knocking in a three-pointer and a 18-footer.

While both big men had their games on display, they didn't match up with each other a ton. Favors clearly had the better numbers, but Cousins' squad got the win and he was asked to do nearly as much as Favors has to do for South Atlanta.

Tyler vs Sullinger

Two of the best bigs in 2009 went head-to-head during the week and two of the top post prospects in 2010 went at it over the weekend.

Jared Sullinger, the top center in 2010, matched up with Jeremy Tyler, who is ranked No. 3 on the center list, in Dayton (Ohio) at the Flyin' To The Hoop on Saturday.

Sullinger, of Columbus (Ohio) Northland, got the win and led his squad with 23 points and nine rebounds, while Tyler went for 21 points and 11 rebounds.

While both prospects put up solid numbers, according to a high school coach in attendance, the match up didn't live up to expectations. "Tyler will be a pro," he said. "Sullinger got in foul trouble and didn't play enough. Sullinger is better and has more broad game as of now."

On Tap For This Week

The same crew that puts on the Marshall County Hoopfest, has strung together another event.

This weekend Wazoo Sports presents the Laurel County Hoopfest, which features a host of Kentucky teams and a number of national teams, which includes Oak Hill, Christ School, Princeton, Covington Holmes, Westbury Christian and New American.

There are four games on Friday, with the action starting at 5:30 p.m. Then Saturday the first tip is at 10:00 a.m. and runs till the last game, which begins at 11:00 p.m.

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