McAdoo Enjoying Big Year; Three Stick Out

James McAdoo was one of the biggest surprises last spring. Now he's a household name on the high school basketball scene and has high major suitors.

This time last year James McAdoo didn't have any college interest. Now, the 6-foot-8, 205-pound power forward is being targeted by the nation' best.

McAdoo said his July was among the many reasons he sprung to the top of many programs 2011 recruiting board. But it was as the Boo Williams Invitational last April, where he announced himself as a player.

Playing with Boo Williams 15's for the first time, McAdoo showed off an impressive skill set, ran the floor and had the look of a future high major power forward. And that continued for the rest of the summer.

Now in the midst of his sophomore season at Norfolk (Va.) Christian, McAdoo is dominating the competition and averaging an impressive 26 points and 12 rebounds, while his team sits 12-3 and 7th in the state.

"It's a lot tougher [this year]," McAdoo said. "I've been getting box and 1's, traps and a lot of different defenses. Mostly they just key on me, which opens it up for other guys on my team, but I'm managing though."

"Last year I think I really tried to force it and put everything on myself, but this year we have a lot of good players and I can really just play my game," he said. "Coach allows me to dribble the ball and I can take the ball down the court some."

A number of college programs have made their way for Norfolk to evaluate the five-star prospect. Although it's early and he hasn't cut any schools, McAdoo said he does have preferences.

"As of right now I wouldn't say I'm ruling any schools out, but I don't talk to a Virginia Tech as much as I might talk to a Florida," McAdoo said. "A lot of schools might be starting to back off because they know they don't have a chance."

Among the schools in the mix are North Carolina, Florida, Texas, Georgetown, Clemson, UCLA and Wake Forest. With the Tigers, Hoyas, Demon Deacons and Gators having already offered a scholarship.

"As far as right now, the ones I talk to the most are Florida, North Carolina and Texas," McAdoo said. "I probably talk to those three the most."

He's taken trips to Carolina, Wake Forest, Duke, Florida and Georgetown. Thus far he's been to UNC the most.

"It's a lot easier to go down there," McAdoo said. "I think I've been down there three times. I don't know if I'm closest with their coaching staff, but I talk to them a lot."

It's still early in the recruiting process for McAdoo. So his plan for now is to get to know the coaches and take it from there.

"I just want to try and keep in touch with the coaches, but at this point I haven't really made it a priority to call them after every game," McAdoo said. "One of my coaches talks to them a lot and he handles a lot of that stuff."

"I'll definitely call some of them, like coach Shaka Smart from Florida and coach Robinson from UNC and then the coaches from Texas," he continued.

The sophomore standout is juggling his high school season with recruiting, but he said he's not stressing out about it.

"I just want to build a relationship with the coaches, but it hasn't really overwhelmed me," McAdoo said. "I'm just taking it one day at a time."

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