Hampton Works On PG Skills

Chris Hampton, a 2010 prospect, is a new name for the national scene. The 6-foot-1 guard out of New York made an impression on us against Oak Hill, so we caught up with him to get an update on his situation.

Less than two weeks ago, Chris Hampton did all he could to help Our Savior New American get a win against Oak Hill. Despite his 21-point effort, it wasn't enough for OSNA to get a win.

Hampton did, however, showcase an exciting brand of ball against one of the top high school programs in the country. The 6-foot-1 guard dialed in from long range, attacked the rim and created opportunities for teammates.

Apparently Hampton has always been known for his jump shot. Now, he's making an effort to improve his ball handling, passing ability and overall point guard skills so he can slide over to the point guard position full time.

"I handle the ball much better since last year," Hampton told Scout.com. "I worked on my handle a lot. My offense in general is better. I worked on driving and kicking and I've worked on the pick and roll."

"He's trying to transition more into a pure point," OSNA assistant coach Eric Jaklitsch said. "We are trying to mold him into being more of a true point guard."

Midway through his junior season, Hampton is averaging 15 points and four assists per contest.

"I think I'm having an OK season," Hampton said. "I worked hard all summer. Eric had me in the gym all summer and I was just working out hard to get ready for the season."

With his play picking up, Jaklitsch is surprised that more college programs haven't shown interest.

"Some schools have shown initial interest like St. John's, Fordham, Marist, Delaware, Buffalo, Quinnipiac and Central Florida," Jaklitsch said. "Those are the schools that have called about him."

"I'm getting letters from Fordham, St. John's, Quinnipiac," Hampton said. "I haven't really been talking to many other schools others than those three."

Hampton is undecided on which AAU program he'll run with this spring and summer. He spent some time with the New York Panthers last year and he'll either play with them or New York Elite.

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