2010 Sneak Peak: Khyle Marshall

Every spring you organize your "hitlist" of guys you spent the winter hearing and reading about but need to see. This spring, we've got Khyle Marshall on our list of guys needing to be evaluated.

The colleges, which have this, one figured out won't mind a bit that the April AAU period is closed to AAU evaluations. Those who haven't quite done their homework, well, they'll be a little miffed.

Meet Khyle Marshall, a potential two-time all-state Floridian from Pembroke Pines Flanagan High School. Marshall is a 6-foot-6 junior forward. Last year he accounted for 24.5 points and 12 boards. This year, he's at 26 and 12.5 which leads his county in scoring and rebounding. He's done enough to merit a repeat selection as an all-stater.

Somehow, he's flown below our radar. He ran with Team Breakdown last summer and for lack of a better explanation, we missed him. Never saw him, didn't get an evaluation and yes, we're not happy he's been operating below our radar. Marshall's going to get his chance this spring, that's for sure.

Marshall's family hails from the islands and education is a priority (both parents have masters degrees).

"It's a tight knit home," Flanagan assistant coach Alberto Jempierre told Scout.com. "He's a 6-foot-6 wing but he's multi-dimensional. He's a throw back wing. There's no secret around this county. They box him, triangle and two.

"At the high school level he's more or less used as a point-forward. He's all over the place and you can't pigeon hole him because he does so many things well."

Marshall has offers from Kansas State, Houston, Marshall, Auburn, Butler, UNC-Wilmington and others are watching. Texas A&M and Miami have been in to see him.

"He's got high offers and the Horizon League (is his smallest) and its Butler. The only one he doesn't have an offer from is an ACC school right now."

Jempierre sees in Marshall a young man with a drive that belies his youth.

"He's in bed no later than 9:30 every single night unless homework is being done. It's a tight ship. Me and the parents work hand in hand. They handle it on one end and I do on the other.

"He wants to become great. He wants to be the best that he possibly can be and he's never satisfied. He's a class act."

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