Cosell breaks down the QBs, more

NFL Films senior producer Greg Cosell analyzes the coaches film on Tarvaris Jackson and yields his verdict. Does that impact what the Vikings should do in free agency? Cosell sat down for a one-on-one interview with's Adam Caplan to discuss those topics and more on the Vikings and other teams.

If you're looking for the inside skinny on several key players and situations as we head into free agency, NFL Films senior producer Greg Cosell breaks it all down for subscribers in this exclusive audio update.

In the first update, Cosell breaks down the coaching tape on several key NFC quarterbacks, including Tarvaris Jackson.

NFC Preview:

Cosell breaks down coaching tape on various AFC signal callers. What will the Patriots do with franchised QB Matt Cassel? Will they move him, and, if so, will it be early in the free-agent process?

Or how about Derek Anderson in Cleveland? Will the Browns keep him around with a roster bonus and Brady Quinn waiting in the wings?

It all has an impact on the Vikings' free agency.

AFC Preview:


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