Sophomore Drummond In Midst Of Huge Season

Andre Drummond, a 6-foot-9 center, is a recruit on the rise. The 2011 prospect is becoming a national level recruit and college programs are quickly taking notice.

As a freshman, Hartford (Conn.) Capitol Prep center/forward Andre Drummond moonlighted on the junior varsity and varsity. By the time the end of the season rolled around, Drummond was a double-double guy. A year later, well, suffice it to say he's pretty talented and much improved.

"I think last year, in his first game he didn't do so well," coach Levy Gillespie said. Throughout the season he constantly improved and averaged close to a double-double. This year, I think he's up to about 20 points, 17 rebounds and eight blocks and four steals (a game)."

Connecticut's Jim Calhoun has seen a game up close and Drummond returned the favor on multiple occasions as a spectator for UConn games. Interest is coming hot and heavy from Big East schools such as a West Virginia and Georgtetown. Massachusetts is eyeballing him too.

"Andre, the funny thing about it is, I think prior to him coming to high school he never really thought he was good or could be good," Gillespie said. "He sort of has a nonchalant attitude about a lot of things that will happen for him. He's taking all the stuff in stride. I think there will be a lot of overwhelming interest in what he can do."

At Capitol, Drummond is a big fish in a smaller pond but doesn't see himself as the catch of the day. "Everybody knows him. He's Andre. People outside of the school are seeing him in a different way. At one game a guy came up and asked him for an autograph. He looked at me and smiled and gave the guy an autograph. He's not fazed by all this, he takes it in stride."

Drummond doesn't come from a basketball family, get's B's and C's in school and, according to Gillespie, has a hunger to keep improving. "We've talked a lot about what he wants to do with basketball. He's big but he wants to be an all-around player. His drive propels him to be a complete guy and get close to meeting some of his goals."

Drummond turned 15 last August. By all accounts, 2009 is his coming out party. He'll roll with the Connecticut Basketball Club in the spring and big things could be on the horizon. Now he's made a little noise with his numbers and play. This summer we'll see if he turns it into a big bang on the national scene.

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