Slam Spotlight: AJ Price

LEWES, Del. – It would have been tough for AJ Price to have produced a better opening game performance than his effort against Bloomfield Tech and the Slam Dunk To The Beach. Aside from bumping a knee with an opponent in the second half, Price had a near-perfect day.

30 Points For Amityville Junior

Jason Fraser might have left for Villanova, but Amityville still has star power. The only difference is that it's now in the backcourt.

Junior AJ Price opened his 2002 Slam Dunk with a 30-point effort against Bloomfield Tech in a 72-63 win. Price finished 9-for-13 from the field and an impressive 8-for-10 from the line.

"That's how I play," Price said. "Smooth." We couldn't agree more.

The 6-1 shooting guard was playing "HORSE" on the perimeter where he was 4-of-5. His only miss from beyond was a shot in which he clearly was fouled and didn't get a call. He converted a few drives, stuck back a miss or two and he was on his way to 30.

Price appears to be wired to score and he's good at it. However, he can also pass the basketball with success in transition. More than once he made the correct decision, found the open teammate or made the smart extra pass on the break.

Numerous colleges were in the stands to watch Price play. He bumped knees in the fourth quarter and missed most of the action. We caught up with him after the game and he produced the following early list: St. John's, Villanova, Georgia Tech, Ohio State and North Carolina State.

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