Slam Dunk: Top Players Square Off

LEWES, Del. – Day Two at the Slam Dunk produced some super matchups. From Perkins vs. Watkins to Outlaw vs. White, it was a good day all around.

Spotlight Matchups

Kendrick Perkins vs. Darryl Watkins

It turned out to be a pretty solid matchup between two guys who score different ways. Perkins has an array of back-to-the-basket moves and used them all on Watkins. Meanwhile, the taller Watkins prefers to face the basket and shoot short jumpers. He had problems scoring on the blocks against Perkins.

Marquis Webb's back-to-back 3s sent it into OT where neither factored prominently. We credited Perkins with 21 and Watkins with 16. Perkins had 13 boards to Watkins' 12 and Watkins had one more blocked shot (4) than Perkins. Perkins really showed some savvy playing against double-teams and making the right decisions.

David Padgett vs. Miami Christian

Pete Padgett knew it was a mismatch and it was but Reno fought hard. Miami Christian came out smoking and really had their running game going early. Padgett was outstanding. We credited him with 31 points, the official scorer saw it as 27 but who's counting? The big fella scored with both hands, continued to run the floor, fought hard, showed his skills but didn't have the supporting cast to keep pace with Miami's high fliers. The MC player with the most rise was Guillermo Diaz. He kept the crowd entertained and swooped his way to a game-high 22.

Travis Outlaw vs. DJ White

It was billed as the "Duel For Dixie" by the P.A. announcer and it was pretty good. Actually, it was a tale of two halves. White was the prime time performer in the first half when he skillfully scored 15 points and his teammates really shared the ball with. For the most part, White's strength got him into scoring position in the lane with Outlaw guarding him.

But, in the second half it looked like Outlaw's athleticism changed the game and turned the tide in Starkville's favor. Outlaw had poor shooting night going 4-for-14 but a few of his points came off patented follow jams where he grabs the rebound and kisses the rim. Outlaw finished with 14 and 6 and White had 21 and 9 in an entertaining tussle. There's a growing undercurrent among NBA scouts that Outlaw might think about testing the waters. The scouts say go to school.

Kris Humphries vs. Jared Gaither

Humphries rolled 15 first quarter points as Hopkins was awesome early. The future Duke forward made 4-of-5 from downtown and scored pretty much every which way. Gaither wasn't guarding him much but when he did Humphries was able to put it on the deck and go by or make medium-range jumpers.

Gaither had Dan Coleman on him, not Humphries and the future Boston College Eagle used his increased strength to ward him off. Gaither finished with 10 points while Humphries rolled up 22 (official box had him for 21 but they didn't count a 3 we clearly saw) and 11 in 19 minutes of work.

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