Brust's Boot Will Be Gone Soon

Mundelein Class of 2010 shooting guard Ben Brust has been MIA. He's still got a boot on his foot. Regardless, colleges are remaining true to him and soon enough he'll back rehabbing the break.

Just because Ben Brust hasn't made a shot in six weeks doesn't mean he's been forgotten.

"No one has been off him," Mundelein coach Richard Knar told "Butler's there (offered). Davidson and Loyola, Valpo (all offered). And the Stanford's, Notre Dame's and Providence write him all the time and they're still there."

Brust, a 6-foot-2 junior shooting guard is in a walking boot. He broke his tibia bone on Jan. 10. The injury occurred in the midst of a season in which he had been averaging a robust 29 points while shooting 41 percent behind the arc.

Next week the boot comes off and according to Knarr, it'll be full speed ahead for Brust the moment he gets green lighted. "It's a bone and calf muscle to strengthen so he'll be back fast when he does. He's a high-motor kid."

When we initially caught Brust in action, he was raining 3s for the Rising Stars at the AAU Nationals. This summer, he'll return to the scene of the crime. "The summer will be the (main) thing for him when he gets to Nationals and places like that," Knarr said.

"He had 45 one game, 40 another. When you are the main and you're still scoring you're having a great year. He shoots it all different ways; he's not easily stopped. He moves, he goes one on one. He reacts to screens and things like that."

File away the name because guys who like scorers and good grades are keeping tabs on his next step.

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