Slam Dunk: More Day Three Coverage

LEWES, Del. – Saturday was a big day for underclassmen at the Slam Dunk. Sebastian Telfair had a nice afternoon. Here's a look at how the young guys fared, plus some notes and random thoughts from Saturday at the Slam.

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2004 Checklist

Sebastian Telfair, PG, Lincoln: You just knew he was going to post a big number after a sub par opening effort at the Slam Dunk To The Beach and he did. Though his shooting woes continued from deep, he put together a superstar second half against Bullis. Basically, he was unguardable off the dribble. I mean, they had no chance of checking him. He should never ever have to settle for taking 3s because he's just that fast and explosive off the bounce. Sometimes you have to sit under the basket to fully appreciate his vision and quickness. We credited him with 3 assists.

Tello Palacios, PF, Our Savior: He seems to keep dropping pounds and improving his game each time we see him. Today it looked like he passed and handled the ball better. He went for 19 points, but did have 7 turnovers to go along with 4 assists.

Randolph Morris, C, Landmark Christian: He's up to 6-11 and 250 and he looks every bit of it. Still, Saturday was a day of learning as David Padgett stole the show. In the first half, Morris settled for short jumpers. After the break he seemed more focused and the results were better. He played against one of the elite post scorers and a super senior and we're sure he learned some valuable things from the experience and like we said, he seemed to pickup a few things after the half. He finished with 22 and 11, but the numbers inflated a little after Padgett took a seat when the game was firmly in hand.

AJ Price, Amityville, SG: He went for 32 points and he was huge in the second half with 18. While his statistics (11-30 FG, 3-12 3s) weren't impressive, this kid made huge shots and he's the reason Amityville didn't get run out of the building. He's tough, skilled, athletic and making a serious impression on everyone who sees him.

JR Smith, SG, St. Benedict's: The junior made a key steal late in the game to help St. Benedict's gain the title game birth. We credited him with 16 in the contest. He shot 6-for-17 from the field and we sensed that he was settling for jumpshots which is a little surprising considering he's so good at getting to the rim. Finished with 4 steals.

Davis Nwankwo, C, Georgetown Prep: On Saturday he scored 17 points and he did his work around the basket with great efficiency. Like Gist, he's a fine rebounder and he seems to be finishing better as a junior around the basket. He'll be a popular high-major guy in a few months.

Mike Williams, PF, Wilcox Central: Like Kendrick Perkins, Williams also had a rather quiet game. He finished 4-for-9 from the floor with 11 points and 2 rebounds.

James Gist, C, Good Counsel: He finished with 16 points and 6 rebounds. He did some nice things like following shots with dunks. Again, it was his long arms and athleticism that really stood out.

Rudy Gay, SF, Archbishop Spalding: He really had a good game working and still had a fine outing but he got derailed when a third quarter cut under his right eye needed medical attention. We presume he took a butterfly stitch and was back on the floor at the end of the game. Gay finished with 15 points and 7 rebounds and Spalding is in the title game.

2005 Checklist

Wilcox Central Sophs: Bobby Jacobs probably has thoughts of bringing this young bunch back to the Slam Dunk. Guards Earl Johnson and Allen Crumpton appear to be high-major kids. Johnson punched a dunk over top of Kendrick Perkins who was late arriving. Crumpton shot lights out from 3-point range and forward Yamene Coleman is going to be an SEC priority one day.

Shane Clark, F, Cardinal Dougherty: The wiry forward went 9-for-16 from the field and tallied 19 points but it wasn't enough as his squad fell in the semifinals of the main draw.

Off The Dribble

Babacar Thiam had 15 points and 9 rebounds for Spingarn and was productive and active. … The Spingarn-Amityville game was the most spirited 8:30 a.m. we've ever seen in our 6 years of covering the Slam Dunk. Spingarn is well-coached and always plays hard, so does Amityville. …

Omari Israel finished with 12 rebounds against Oxon Hill. He had 10 at the break. … Laurinburg Institute is comprised mainly of juniors from Brazil. Most of them are still learning English and their goal is to work towards being a standout basketball team next season. … Quentin Thomas hasn't posted great numbers out here but he did show that he can pass the ball today, especially in transition. When you're tossing it to Powe, that's always a good thing. …

Thumbs up to Keena Young who got active for Ozen and pulled down a team-high 11 boards to go along with 13 points. … Hopkins outscored Miami Christian 18-5 in the third quarter. …


Georgia Tech assistant Cliff Warren gets the award for being the first college coach in the gym on Saturday. … Taking in the game of AJ Price were assistants from Georgia Tech and Rutgers. Villanova head coach Jay Wright was also in the building. … Abdi Lidonde wants to go to Penn. He needs more points on the ACT and that's not always as easy as it sounds. …

A college assistant on David Padgett: "He'll start for Kansas next year and get 25-30 minutes." … Ousmane Konate of Laurinburg will need a prep school next season. He just recently came back into the country. He remains committed to Missouri but because of his core credit situation, he'll probably play for the Laurinburg prep team next year. He had 13 points against Oakland before fouling out… I

t looks like the Georgetown Prep team wears the uniforms from a Georgetown team in the 90s. The names have been taken off the jerseys, but by all accounts they are hand me downs from the big Hoyas. …

James Gist of Good Counsel says he's hearing from Kentucky, Maryland, Rutgers, UConn, American, Syracuse and Florida State. … We'll crown a Slam Dunk champ on Monday night, but the best team in Lewes will still be undetermined. Because Miami Christian and Hopkins were prevented from playing in the main draw, we'll never be able to accurately settle the issue. …

Spalding coach Mike Glick celebrated his 250th coaching win in the victory over Dougherty. … Hall of Famer Wes Unseld was in the building today. … Notre Dame, Vanderbilt and of course Georgia Tech will be primary players in the recruitment of Randolph Morris. …

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