Small Town, Big Game For 2011's Boykins

It happens every season. A player gets tucked away and takes a little while longer to break through. Word is, Devince Boykins has that type of talent. The sophomore from East Rutherford in Forest City, N.C., is primed for a bust out spring.

There's a buzz coming out of Forest City, N.C. The genesis of the noise is a sophomore shooting guard named Devince Boykins. The 6-foot-3 Boykins hasn't been seen by many, but those who have are moving quickly to extend reciprocal interest.

So, who is this guy? He's the son of a former professional player and centerpiece of a small town team at East Rutherford. He's the kind of prospect where a navigation system can get you in the vicinity of the school, but might not pinpoint its exact location. No matter, college coaches won't have any trouble finding the school because there's a player on hand.

Boykins' father played at Johnson C. Smith and in Europe. His dad Robert plays a significant part in his development. He provides a standard to be judged from. It's been a while since East Rutherford have a player of this caliber.

"About four years ago there was this guy named Teone Watkins," Devince Boykins said. "He went to East Rutherford but I can't recall where he went. He should have gone somewhere for basketball."

Not to worry, Boykins won't get lost in the shuffle. He's already been on the campuses of Clemson, South Carolina and Wake Forest. The Gamecocks offered him a scholarship this month. Clemson and South Carolina, two rivals, sat and watched Boykins during his first round state playoff game last month. Last week, Boykins went to Wake's final home game.

Boykins is also a football star. However, the nagging injuries and lack of passion for the sport helped push him to basketball full-time. He knows all eyes will be on him each time out. "Basically, when I play in front of people I try to go out there and do what I do. (My dad) tells me to make sure that every time I play I go hard because you never know who is in the gym."

After football season ended, he joined the basketball team where he averaged 15 points and 11 rebounds. Those who have seen him are quick to point out his overall athletic ability. He's a high ceiling guy. He'll be at the Carolina Challenge later this month and it won't be long before the secret gets out.

"Right now a lot of people (around town) are talking about the South Carolina thing. I've been getting a lot of attention but I'm trying not get a big head about it."

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