Torrey Pines National Prep Classic

The Torrey Pines National Prep Classic was a little down this year compared to past years. Here are some thoughts on a few of the players we watched last week...

The Torrey Pines National Prep Classic wasn't as deep in talent this year as it has been in the past, but there were still a number of potential D1 prospects. Here's a look at some of the players we saw last week in San Diego.

Damir Suljagic, 6-7 JR PF Tucson (Ariz.) Salpointe. A skilled four man with a nice frame, Suljagic is somewhat slender, but looks like he's added a little weight since we saw him last July. He showed nice hands, with several tough catches in traffic. He plays mostly inside for his high school team, but we saw him step away from the basket a bit in the summer. A potential mid to high major player.

Craig Austin, 6-9 JR C Carlsbad (Calif.) High. Austin isn't a great athlete, but good feet and hands are two important qualities for a post player and Austin has both. Showed good court awareness, with several nice passes. Austin appears to have had some coaching – he understands how to post up and has good footwork. Nice free throw stroke. Lack of explosiveness limits his upside somewhat, but he'll get plenty of mid to high major looks.

Alex Harris, 6-4 JR SG Alameda (Calif.) St. Joseph Notre Dame. A very intriguing long, slender wing, Harris is a slasher with a pretty nice stroke from the outside as well. We didn't get a long look at him, but we liked what we saw in limited minutes.

Jason Murdoch, 5-10 JR PG Compton (Calif.) Dominguez. Murdoch is on the small side, but he's well put together and does a good job of running his team. Serviceable outside shot and fairly good quickness. A potential low to mid major prospect.

Brian McTear, 5-9 JR PG Los Angeles (Calif.) Crenshaw. Crafty, heady lefty with a solid feel for the game. McTear needs to get stronger, but he has a terrific understanding of the point guard position and solid skills. Outside shot is still just serviceable, but he made several excellent passes and is able to break down the defense off the dribble.

James Keefe, 6-6 FR PF Rancho Santa Margarita (Calif.) Santa Margarita. A good-looking young post player, Keefe has a good body – fairly long -- and moves well. Showed a decent shot out to 12-15 feet. Keefe played with good energy and didn't seemed intimidated playing against older players.

Darryl Best, 6-3 SO SG Lake Forest (Calif.) El Toro. A big wing, who appears to be physically mature already, Best showed a nice shot and solid ball skills. The best player on his team, he played unselfishly and frequently gave the ball up when he could have looked for his own shot. He's not especially explosive, so there is a question of his ultimate upside. But it's safe to assume he'll get looks at the mid major level and possibly higher.

Lorenzo Keeler, 6-1 JR PG Escondido (Calif.) High. Keeler hasn't changed much physically in the last year and that's one of the primary concerns on him down the road. He needs to get bigger and stronger to survive at the D1 level and, given his frame, there's a question of just how big he'll get. He's a good spot-up shooter, but has trouble creating his own shot against players with good quickness. Needs to play the point in college, but lack of quickness and a so-so handle might make it a tough transition.

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