Pre-Summer 2004 Rankings: SFs, PFs, Cs

The three frontcourt positions are headed by three elite national prospects, and two from the state of Washington -- <b>Marvin Williams</b>, <b>Josh Heytvelt</b>, and <b>Robert Swift</b>, and there is good depth at each position...


The center position is basically a case of Swift and then everyone else. Swift has long shown the potential to be a dominant post player and it appears that he's starting to deliver on that promise. He's got great, natural instincts. Combine that with his size, shot-blocking ability, and developing offensive skills, and you have the clear-cut choice for the top center in the west. USC got one of the elite center prospects in the country when he verballed early to the Trojans. Miles also has a big upside, with a great frame to go with good hands and feet. He's got the ability to post up inside, as well as step outside for his shot. If he's willing to leave the state of Utah, he could be recruited by programs across the country. Burgess isn't as mobile as Miles, but he's more of a true center. He'll stay in the paint and bang, using his big body to gain position for rebounds or to set up in the low block. Burgess also has a very nice feel for the game and he's a good passer.  Giles is long and somewhat slender, with good timing as a shot blocker and decent back to the basket skills. He needs to add some weight and strength, but should be a target of many high-major programs. Rayburn, who made an early commitment to Cal, has good size and strength and the ability to step away from the basket. He was injured this spring and wasn't able to participate in the spring events.

1) Robert Swift, 6-11 Bakersfield (Calif.) Highland
2) Chris Miles, 6-10, Provo (Utah) Timpview
3) David Burgess, 6-10, Woodbridge (Calif.) Irvine
4) Chester Giles, 6-9, Seattle (Wash.) Rainier Beach
5) Sam Rayburn, 6-10, Beaverton (Ore.) Sunset
6) Zach Johnson, 6-8, Sacramento (Calif.) Natomas
7) Jason Smith, 6-9, Kersey (Col.) Platte Valley
8) Jonathan Black, 6-9, Phoenix (Ariz.) Greenway
9) Craig Austin, 6-9, Carlsbad (Calif.) High
10) Michael Boone, 7-0, Loma Linda (Calif.) High
11) Ephraim Williams, 6-9, San Bernardino (Calif.) Arroyo Valley
12) Chris Henry, 6-8, Santa Ana (Calif.) Mater Dei
13) Ryan McCurdy, 6-9, Gilbert (Ariz.) Highland
14) Kurt Graeber, 6-8, Rolling Hills Estates (Calif.) Peninsula
15) Alan Branch, 6-6, Albuquerque (New Mexico) Cibola
Other Centers of Note:

Jeremiah Batdorf, 6-8, Cedro (Calif.) Foothill
Brandon Knight, 6-9, Alpine (Utah) Lone Peak
Jordan White-Frisbee, 6-7, Bothell (Wash.) Inglemoor
Todd Follmer, 6-10, Rancho Santa Margarita (Calif.) Santa Margarita
David Burke, 6-8, Phoenix (Ariz.) Thunderbird
Thomas Herring, 6-6, Los Angeles (Calif.) Fremont
David Lithicum, 6-10, Farmington (New Mexico) High
Shawn Oliverson, 6-8, Preston (Idaho) High
Nathan Porter, 6-8, Mercer Island (Wash.) High
Armando Cosio, 6-9, Lake Elsinore (Calif.) Temescal Canyon


Heytvelt gets the nod for the top slot due to his combination of size and skills. He has a great frame that could add muscle, he moves very well and he's an excellent shooter from the perimeter. Before he narrowed his list, he was pursued by many of the elite programs in the country. Mata isn't yet polished offensively, but he's as active as any forward on the list, and he's a great shot blocker/rebounder. His stock went up dramatically after some great showings in the spring. Hardin is another player who isn't yet a real force on offense, but he's got a tremendous upside. He's got the best physical tools of any player in the rankings. He's got the body of a future NBA power forward. He's naturally strong, very agile and explosive off the floor. He's still learning the game, but he could be a good one eventually for Cal. Rothbart has long been one of the more intriguing big men in this class, but he needs to step up his play and deliver on the potential. He has a tendency to drift outside and take himself out of the action. However, he's very tall, with good hands and some ball skills, so we're leaving him in our top five and we'll see how he performs this summer. Suljagic isn't well know nationally, but he's got a nice feel for the game and he's an effective scorer in the low post.

1) Josh Heytvelt, 6-9, Clarkston (Wash.) High
2) Lorenzo Mata, 6-8, South Gate (Calif.) High
3) DeVon Hardin, 6-8, Newark (Calif.) Memorial
4) Robert Rothbart, 7-0, Cupertino (Calif.) Monta Vista
5) Damir Suljagic, 6-8, Tucson (Ariz.) Salpointe
6) Jake Beitinger, 6-8, Port Orchard (Wash.) South Kitsap
7) Brian Anderson, 6-8, Lamar (Col.) High
8) Ty Morrison, 6-7, Phoenix (Ariz.) Trevor Browne
9) Devan Evans, 6-7, Las Vegas (Nev.) Chaparral
10) Jermaine Johnson, 6-6, Orange (Calif.) High
11) Joe Gates, 6-9, Arcata (Calif.) High
12) Gyno Pomare, 6-6, Oceanside (Calif.) El Camino
13) Evan Harris, 6-7, North Hollywood (Calif.) Harvard-Westlake
14) Calvin Chitwood, 6-6, Phoenix (Ariz.) Paradise Valley
15) Andrew Strait, 6-7, Yakima (Wash.) West Valley

Other Power Forwards Of Note:

Marcus Lewis, 6-6, Long Beach (Calif.) Poly
Ryan Coldren, 6-8, Eugene (Ore.) Marist
Marlon Howe, 6-8, Fallbrook (Calif.) High
Andrew Green, 6-6, Perris (Calif.) High
David Ellis, 6-10, Sacramento (Calif.) Capital Christian
Sebastian Gobba,  6-8, Salt Lake City (Utah) Mt. Vernon
Bass Yessoufou, 6-6, San Luis Obispo (Calif.) Mission Prep
Chris Berry, 6-6, Compton (Calif.) Centennial
Michael Nunnally, 6-8, Manteca (Calif.) East Union
Bill Forelli, 6-5, Gig Harbor (Wash.) High
Jason Hopkins, 6-5, Edmonds Woodway (Wash.) High
Jordan Hasquet, 6-8, Missoula (Mont.) Sentinel
Kyle Krause, 6-7, Wasco (Calif.) Wasco Union
Devon Roberts, 6-6, Glendora (Calif.) High
Jamie Diefenbach,  6-8, Newport Beach (Calif.) Newport Harbor
Okey Mbango, 6-7, Fremont (Calif.) American
Trey Dudy, 6-8, Tarzana (Calif.) Stoneridge Prep
Rashaan Martin, 6-8, Glendale (Ariz.) Mountain Ridge
Tim Ahlering, 6-7, Mission Viejo (Calif.) High
Joe Fahnbulleh, 6-6, Van Nuys (Calif.) Montclair Prep
Xavier Kilby, 6-6, Phoenix (Ariz.) Desert Vista
Jabari Samuel, 6-6, Tarzana (Calif.) Stoneridge Prep
Marcus King-Stockton 6-7, Denver (Col.) Colorado Academy
Julio Feliciano, 6-6, Tacoma (Wash.) Mt. Tahoma
Severin Gates, 6-7, San Diego (Calif.) University
Brandon Johnson, 6-8, Vancouver (Wash.) Mountain View
Steve Breeze, 6-7, Lake Roosevelt (Wash.) High
Zach Woolridge, 6-5, Studio City (Calif.) Harvard-Westlake
Darren Fells, 6-6, Fullerton (Calif.) High
Tommy Arnold, 6-3, Oakland (Calif.) Bishop O'Dowd
Stephen Augmon, 6-4, Palo Alto (Calif.) Eastside Prep
Mike Kale 6-7, Henderson (Nev.) Coronado
Chris Davis, 6-4, Las Vegas (Nev.) Cheyenne
Steve Derdzinski, 6-6, Gilbert (Ariz.) Highland
Sone Finister, 6-6, Los Angeles (Calif.) Crenshaw
Brett Tompkins, 6-8, Battle Ground (Wash.) High
Travis Gabbidon, 6-6, Phoenix (Ariz.) Desert Vista
Andre Glenn, 6-6, Modesto (Calif.) Modesto Christian
Rodney Jones, 6-4, Berkeley (Calif.) High
Justin Mikkelson, 6-7, Sandy (Utah) Alta
Tai Westley, 6-7, Provo (Utah) High
Mel Nicholson, 6-5, Long Beach (Calif.) Millikan
Stephen Ishmael, 6-7, Redmond (Wash.) High
Devon Roberts, 6-8 Glendora (Calif.) High
Andrew Madson, 6-5, Lewiston (Idaho) High
Marcus Smyer, 6-6, Compton (Calif.) Dominguez
Joseph Ware, 6-4, Los Angeles (Calif.) Washington
Steven Saunders, 6-7, Calabasas (Calif.) High
Greg Walker, 6-5, Santa Monica (Calif.) High
Christian Cavanaugh, 6-8, Mill Valley (Calif.) Tamalpais
Adam Bennett, 6-7, Port Orchard (Wash.) South Kitsap
Connor Nielsen, 6-6 Sandy (Utah) Brighton


Williams makes a move from the #1 power forward to the #1 small forward in this rankings update.  In reality, he'd be #1 wherever we'd rank him. He's the #1 overall prospect in the west, and a future NBAer.  In fact, there are some that are speculating Williams is talented enough and is developing at such a rate that he might not play much college basketball.  If he does, we now see him playing more on the wing, since his perimeter skills have continued to improve in a very impressive way.  Pendergraft might have the best basketball IQ of anyone in the west coast class of 2004. Combine that with great skills and you have the #2 small forward.  It's not surprising Gonzaga got Pendergraft sewn up early.  Leunen also makes the move from the power forward list to the small forward list. We still think he could play the four, but his face-the-basket skills have developed to where many college programs are recruiting him as a 3/4.  Another very talented "tweener" is Hernandez.  He has excellent skills, with a great outside shot and ability to put the ball on the floor, but his body might dictate that he guards the four in college.  By the end of the summer, we could reconsider on both Leunen and Hernandez and rank them among the power forwards.  Cummard gets our vote as the player in the west coast class of 2004 that probably improved his stock the most.  He's skilled, athletic and plays with intensity.  The small forwards, obviously, have some strong talent at the top of this list, but overall the list doesn't have great depth, which makes it an average year for talent at the position.

1) Marvin Williams, 6-8, Bremerton (Wash.) High
2) David Pendergraft, 6-6, Brewster (Wash.) High
3) Maarty Leunen, 6-8, Redmond (Ore.) High
4) Hector Hernandez, 6-7, Denver (Col.) Lincoln
5) Lee Cummard, 6-6, Mesa (Ariz.) High
6) Tim Pierce, 6-6, Oakland (Calif.) Fremont
7) Kory Sperry, 6-5, Pueblo (Col.) Pueblo County
8) Daniel Fleming, 6-7, Murrieta Valley (Calif.) High
9) Chris Fields, 6-5, Long Beach (Calif.) Poly
10) Marcel Jones, 6-6, Santa Ana (Calif.) Mater Dei
11) Jon Winder, 6-8, Irvine (Calif.) Woodbridge
12) Jonathan Heard, 6-5, Los Angeles Dorsey
13) Justin Armstrong, 6-4, Oceanside (Calif.) El Camino
14) Erik Ainge, 6-5, Hillsboro (Ore.) Glencoe
15) Justin Williams, 6-4, Corona (Calif.) Centennial

Other Small Forwards of Note:

Cornell Johnson, 6-4, Las Vegas (Nev.) Bonanza
Kyle Brucculeri, 6-6, Los Alamitos (Calif.) High
Mark Hall, 6-7, El Cajon (Calif.) Granite Hills
Curtis Terry, 6-4 Tacoma (Wash.) Curtis
Vada Jarmon, 6-3 Santa Ana (Calif.) Foothill
Phil Harbaugh, 6-5 Corvallis (Ore.) High
Ryan Keeling, 6-5, Springfield (OR) Thurston
Stephen Augmon, 6-4 Palo Alto (Calif.) Eastside Prep
Zach Tarver, 6-5 Portland (Ore.) Jesuit
Daniel Burke, 6-3 Rialto (Calif.) Eisenhower
Mike Gordy, 6-6 Denver (Col.) Manual
Thomas Huff, 6-5 Chandler (Ariz.) Hamilton
Andre Hayes, 6-2 San Jose (Calif.) Piedmont Hills
Taylor Jackson, 6-5 Provo (Utah) Tempview
Jermaine Johnson, 6-2 Seaside (Calif.) High
Devon Uskoski, 6-5, Prairie (Wash.) High
Jon Kargas, 6-3 San Diego (Calif.) Scripps Ranch
Jesse Stott, 6-4 Salt Lake City (Utah) East
Anthony Dandridge, 6-5, El Cajon (Calif.) Cajon
Darryl Barnett, 6-5, Moreno Valley (Calif.) High
Ramses Barden, 6-3, La Canada (Calif.) Flintridge Prep
Mike Perram, 6-5, Ramona (Calif.) High
Brandon Matthews, 6-4, Rancho Santa Margarita (Calif.) Santa Margarita
Chauncey Wiseman, 6-4 San Diego (Calif.) High
Calin Schell, 6-5, Chelan (Wash.) High
Terry Johnson, 6-5 Reno (Nev.) High
John Rogers, 6-5, Seattle (Wash.) Franklin
Robert Ketchum, 6-4, Sacramento (Calif.) Sheldon
Steven Shewmake, 6-6, Desert Hot Springs (Calif.) High
Chauncey Wiseman, 6-4, San Diego (Calif.) High
Paul Brockman, 6-4, Snohomish (Wash.) High
Brian Burke, 6-5, Bellevue (Wash.) Interlake
Taylor Alvey, 6-5 Sandy (Utah) Alta

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