In Limbo: Henry & Cousins Speak

CORAL GABLES, Fla. - Sometimes things can get a bit complicated. For instance, when the coach of two elite players dabbles with another job. While John Calipari speaks with Kentucky, two Memphis pledges wait it all out.

"I feel for you "X," DeMarcus Cousins remarked as he skirted past a growing throng of media members who posted Xavier Henry up. Minutes later, Cousins would find himself seated alongside Henry discussing the same topic: John Calipari.

Henry and Cousins, two of the nation's finest players and the cornerstones of Memphis' top-ranked recruiting class are in limbo. Henry's signed and sealed for the Memphis, while Cousins is verbally committed and not bound to the school. Each faced the same question of "what if."

Henry has his get out of Memphis free card. "They gave us a paper that said I could get out of (the LOI) if I needed to," Henry said. There are no stipulations and Henry believes he would be free to look at any program in the nation if he opted out. Yes, that means Kansas and includes Kentucky.

Henry hasn't spoken to Calipari yet but did text with him Monday night. He did speak to a staffer. "Coach Pastner said not to worry about it." Clearly, Xavier is worrying. Though he committed to Cal and the school, his mind isn't where it needs to be and won't until this situation gets resolved.

As for his brother who is a freshman at Memphis, the situation affects them both. "I guess it would because what we wanted to do, go to school together."

Henry has three visits left and no plan of action. "I gotta see what happens with coach first."

"It's a done deal he goes," Cousins said after practice. Later he added, if Calipari left, "I guess I'd have to start all over again." That would be a tough process for guy once committed to UAB and then Memphis. He said Kansas State and Washington were his closest competitors when he pledged to Memphis.

"They would be back in the picture because I have a great relationship with the coaches at Kansas State and Washington."

Two high school kids whose futures are affected by adults one night before the biggest game of their lives and who's around them? Twenty six media members hanging on every word.

The guys were confronted with the potential of their coach bolting. Would they follow? "There's a possibility of that as well," Cousins said."

Evan Daniels contributed to this report

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