Real Deal: Day One, Part B

LITTLE ROCK, AR.– Friday night at the Real Deal In The Rock uncovered a few new names. Old reliable Tristan Thompson led the Grass Roots Canada charge.

Desmond Simmons, PF, Drew Gooden Soldiers- Sometimes when a kid is caught in between positions sizewise like this 6-foot-7 forward, they are tough to evaluate. In Simmons case, you need to worry less about defining his position -- although he appears much more natural as a four man -- and more about his impact on the game. Bottom line, he impacts the game on both ends of the floor and appears destined to end up in the Pac-10. Bottom line, he's a winner.

Dominique Ferguson, PF, SYF Players- In a tough loss to the Drew Gooden Soldiers, the newly on the market 6-foot-8 forward certainly had his moments. Showing much more ability off the dribble and as a jump shooter than in the past, Ferguson slashed for buckets from either baseline and even converted on a few coast to coast jaunts. One of those tweener guys with a bit of an identity crisis as to which position he ultimately plays, we like him as a four man with some skill and potential to play out on the wing as his career unfolds.

Tristan Thompson, PF, Grassroots Canada- Given his energy level on Friday night, the lefty four man isn't giving up his spot atop the 2010 rankings without a fight. Showing off a much improved right hand, a beefed up Thompson showed no mercy while attacking an overmatched Dallas Showtyme Black squad. His comfort zone ranges from shooting or attacking off the dribble from 15 feet or spinning for jump hooks in the lane. Wherever he lands in our updated rankings, Texas is getting a stud.

Jabari Brown, SG, Drew Gooden Soldiers- A solidly built 6-3 wing scorer, his shot selection can be a bit iffy at times. However, there's little question that he can put the ball in the bucket from just about anywhere between the rim and 20 feet. Built for contact, he's able to bounce off of defenders and convert when the game gets a little rough.

Genard Jarreau, PF, New Orleans Revolution- First thing you notice is that he's skinny. Next, you notice that he's not the most physical guy on the block. Watch a little longer and you see him finish with either hand around the hoop and you can't help but think that the kid has a chance when he adds some bulk. Then, he catches on the wing, shot fakes at the three point stripe and drives to his left looking to punch on everybody in the gym. He missed that move, but how it came out of nowhere and the audacity of the try is one of those things that you remember. We'll be real interested to see what level he can go to once his body catches up.

Jarion Henry, PF/SF, Los Angeles Rage- We definitely need to get back out to see this dude. He's long, makes plays on both ends of the floor and looks to have both get out of your seat explosiveness and fluidity to his game. He's one of those guys who makes things look really easy and we look forwad to becoming more familiar with the ins and outs of his game. Our initial take is that he's a potentially high level forward.

Wanna Bail, SF/PF, Franchize All-Stars- His name sounds like something a frat boy might say to his friend when looking to leave a dead nightspot, but there's no joking or silly puns when talking about this 6-foot-7 forward's potential future. Long, lean and a lefty to boot, Bail's night included some jumpers from the land of three, a serious drive and finish with his off hand and one particularly ferocious tip jam. Right now, the world is at his fingertips from a basketball standpoint.

By his own admission, Drew Gooden Soldiers PG Nick Johnson had an off night. From where we sat, the 6-foot-2 class of 2011 product was being a little tough on himself. When things got tight late, Johnson got into the lane and made masterful use of a little used art -- the jump stop -- and converted on floaters or dumped off to teammates for easy buckets. … It's been a while since we were able to lay eyes on 6-foot-7 forward Jordan Manuel. Popping up in Little Rock with the SYF Players, Manuel is a long and slender combo forward who has the athleticism and body control of a three man, but an offensive game more suited to playing the four. The tools to land somewhere on the high major level are all there, it's just a matter of putting it all together at a consistent level. … Coaches on the mid to upper mid major level looking for an attacking wing guard type should flock to watch SYF's Xavier Jones. A 6-foot-3, maybe 6-foot-4, slasher who can put it on the floor, Jones could elevate his stock by showing more consistency from deep. … Exactly how good Jason Morris wants to be is entirely up to him. The 6-foot-5 wing has all of the physical gifts -- and a stroke that can be deadly from deep -- in the world and shows flashes that lead you to believe he's got a high ceiling. However, from an evaluator's standpoint he hasn't yet shown the consistency needed to fully trust him as a high level impact player. ...

Grassroots Canada's Corey Joseph reeled off a long list of schools that included Texas, Ohio State, Minnesota, UNLV, Florida, Louisville and many others. … SYF's Jordan Manuel mentioned Louisville, Cincinnati, Dayton, Purdue and St. Bonaventure. … Hard working Drew Gooden Soldiers big man John McArthur is already being heavily pursued by the likes of Gonzaga, SMU, St. Mary's, and Stanford. … Desmond Simmons mentioned that he's currently feeling Washington, Oregon State, Stanford, California and St. Mary's. …

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