Vinson Signs The Papers

Terrell Vinson never cared about the conference or the name on the jersey. From his initial commitment to LMU to his recent signing, his recruitment has been about the head coach-player relationship. On Monday, he solidified that relationship with an A-10 coach.

The Massachusetts Minutemen signed one of's Top 100 prospects. No. 80 (soon to be re-released) Terrell Vinson committed and signed with UMass last night during a home visit.

"I think it was more or less the demeanor of Coach Kellogg," James Gilyard, Vinson's father said. "When we first went on the visit, he fit right in with the kids on campus. Ricky Harris is from Baltimore and that helped."

Vinson originally committed to Loyola Marymount. He was personally recruited by then head coach Billy Bayno. Once Bayno was out of the mix at LMU, the Baltimore St. Frances product opened it up and began looking for a similar relationship with a head coach.

Enter Derek Kellogg.

"What was very important to Terrell was who wanted him. A lot of assistants came to him but those guys don't run the show. It's about the head coaches and that was big for Terrell. When the head coach is recruiting you it's a much bigger deal."

For UMass, Vinson's a big deal. He's a key cog in an outstanding A-10 class of recruits.

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