2009 Final Top 100

Who's No. 1? How about No. 2? rolls out 1-100 in its final individual player rankings. 2009 Final Top 100

Maybe a coin flip would have worked better.

Derrick Favors or John Wall? That's been the behind the scenes talk at headquarters for the better part of the entire season. Favors, the gentle giant from Atlanta or Wall, the electric point guard from Raleigh?

Those were the only two players we seriously considered for the top spot. John Henson's name was tossed around early and frankly, he's the guy that in five years may be the biggest riser. Ultimately, it wasn't about Henson or DeMarcus Cousins for us. It was all about Favors and Wall.

Favors has been a model of consistency for the better part of three years. One of the most understated kids we've seen in years, he's the definition of slow and steady wins the race. The guy was a walking triple-double for South Atlanta. His checklist of post-season awards runs from the Naismith POY and carries on through with a pair of MVP trophies at the Jordan game and McDonald's contest. However, this distinction isn't about trophies.

On the biggest of stages, Favors consistently delivered the goods. Against Cousins on TV, Favors displayed more offense and the rebounding prowess that has come to be one of his calling cards.

Wall is scintillating with a huge upside. He's the most unguardable, electric point man in the country. He's the subject of the biggest recruiting saga maybe of the decade. Aside from all that, he's a kid who has made tremendous strides on and off the court. He's put himself in position to do great things. While putting him No. 2 in the class, there's a significant risk of seeing him explode and become the dominant player in this group. He's that good.

The Newcomers

  • No. 60 Cadarian Raines
  • No. 63 Talib Zanna
  • No. 68 Keith Clanton
  • No. 71 Kawhi Leonard
  • No. 83 Darius Smith
  • No. 94 Derrick Williams
  • No. 100 Chris Colvin

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