Shot Chart: Leon Powe

Leon Powe is back from a serious knee injury. At the 2002 Slam Dunk To The Beach, he showed that he's doing just fine and is on track for a monster season.

Oakland Tech senior power forward Leon Powe turned in a stellar effort at The Slam Dunk To The Beach. For the most part, he looked like the Powe of old, except for a very cumbersome looking knee brace designed to prevent his knee from collapsing backward.

The California-bound Powe tested the knee and it passed. In one game he launched himself numerous times for alley-oop conversions. A hard fall to the ground sent a quick hush through the crowd, but Powe was quick to pop right back up without incident. At one point, he was leading the event in scoring.

In his opening game (see accompanying chart), Powe was able to get himself to the line and had a big night. In fact, in consecutive games he worked hard inside, using his long arms to rebound in a warrior-like effort. In his finale against Our Savior, an aggressive box-and-one defense limited his touches but it didn't keep him off the glass.

In short, if Powe is having any complications with his knee, it didn't show in Delaware. While the brace makes it tough to evaluate his explosiveness, the injury sure didn't change the way he approaches or plays the game.

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