Pump Spring: Day Three Rundown

LAS VEGAS – Shabazz Muhammad, a member of the Class of 2012, is tracking as one of the top prospects in the country in his class. Before we left Vegas, we were able to lay eyes on a kid who should become more familiar nationally in the coming year.

Kyle Collinsworth, Wing, Utah Pump: Punched the clock on Sunday just as he did the previous two. The most competitive player we watched at the event. Dangerous if he gets himself close to the rim where he finishes and heads to the line for his extra free throw. He hung 21 points on IEBP in the first half of semifinal game, which he won in a blowout. Took his team to the championship game where it lost to Cali Supreme.

Shabazz Muhammad, SF, Las Vegas Prospects: The freshman lefty filled the notebook: coast to coast in transition, extends for rebounds, loves to do work in the post, has perimeter potential, too much for kids his age, shot can improve, can play above the rim and creates for himself and others. Whew, that's a lot of notes for one young wing but this kid is going to earn himself accolades the next few seasons. He's 6-3 now with a body that easily gets bigger and stronger. One of the best young 2012 kids we've seen thus far.

Joe Rahon, PG, Pump 2012: His brother is a college hooper and he will be one day too. Was responsible for his team's resurrection a morning playoff game. Even as a young guard he's got a nice feel and when the jumper goes down like it did on Sunday he's in business. Has a little player's edge about him and we like that. Too early to say what level but a player nonetheless.

David Andoh, PF, Bay Area Hoosiers: Evaluating players from this team isn't tough. They bring scholarship guys with grades to the table and Andoh already has a brother who plays college buckets. He's 6-7 and his scholarship wont' be in doubt. What level is to be determined at another time, but he's not paying for college.

There's another Gordon on the horizon. Aaron Gordon, a 6-4 forward is 2013 but playing "up" with the Bay Area Hoosiers. He's the brother of UCLA's Drew Gordon and is one of the team's best players already. …

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