Sabes: Day Two Rundown

Bloomington, Minn. Saturday at the Sabes Invitational saw the field in each the 17 and 16 under divisions get pared down to eight teams. Some of the usual suspects like 2011's Brad Beal were doing their thing while a few new guys like Brandon Dawson crept onto the radar.

In particular, a sophomore from Indiana showed some flashes of big time ability.

Karl Madison, PG, St. Louis Eagles- A strong lefty, Madison makes excellent use of his compact body to get into the lane and convert on scoring opportunities for himself or to dish off to teammates. He changes paces, doesn't try to do too much with the ball and is generally efficient in his approach.

Brandon Peters, SG, Houston Hoops- Everybody knows about Snap's ability to elevate for jams and the 6-foot-1 wing certainly did that on Saturday. However, he was also spotting up and hitting jumpers, helping out on the boards and showing potential as a defensive stopper.

Jordair Jett, PG, Tha Eastsidaz- Just finishing up his senior year at St. Bernard in St. Paul, Mn. We list Jett in the class of 2010 because he's headed off to do a prep year at Notre Dame Prep. A big and strong 6-foot-1 floor general, Jett has a terrific feel for the position and doesn't miss open teammates. Crafty with the ball, he can knock down some deep jumpers, has college strength and simply makes winning plays late. He's quickly emerging as a high major prospect.

Kevin Noreen, PF, Tha Eastsidaz- Now that we've had a chance to get a look at Noreen two weekends in a row, we're getting a pretty good feel for why so many high majors have expressed interest or offered. A skilled faceup guy, he's got sneaky athleticism, good hands and does surprisingly good work on the offensive glass given a relative lack of strength in the upper body.

Trevor Releford, PG, KC Pump ‘N Run- For the second weekend in a row, Releford was rolling off the dribble. His handle and creativity off the bounce stack up against anybody's in the country, he has an extra gear and is a long armed finisher with either hand around the bucket. He and his team came up one point short in a late Saturday playoff game, but it wasn't for a lack of his playmaking.

Chad Calcaterra, PF/C, Howard Pulley Black- Given his size, above average hands and body that can be worked with, he will get high level looks. When he plays aggressively like he did early Saturday, he can be pretty effective. Capable of attacking the rim, he causes defenders with his size and relative comfort with his back to the basket. Now, it's time to be more consistent with his effort.

Brad Beal, SG, St. Louis Eagles- One of the premier wing scorers in the class of 2011, the long limbed scorer is a smooth operator. In the middle of a growth spurt that has him nearing 6-foot-4, he's just as comfortable scoring near the basket and from mid range off the dribble as he is with his effortless jumper from deep. Still only 15 years old, he specializes in putting up points in flurries.

Corey Hilliard, SG/PG, KC Truth- A smooth shooting combo guard, Hilliard is an under control scorer who can attack off the dribble or spot up for deep bombs. At 6-foot-1, he's a little undersized as a two but makes up for it with his ability to explode into his jumper or finish at the rack. He gets to the free throw line and plays with loads of confidence.

Brandon Dawson, SF, SYF Players 16's- Make no mistake about it, Dawson is a little rough around the edges and makes plenty of head scratching decisions. Then again, the super athletic and long armed wing makes even more plays that leave you shaking your head in a good way. Capable of playing well above the rim, he's got an emerging jump shot, is a super rebounder and generally plays with a high energy level. Make no mistake about it, the sophomore is tracking as a high level prospect.

Kiwane Crowder, PG, Playground Elite 16's- A long and lean ball handler, Crowder helped lead a furious comeback against SYF that fell just short in the final seconds. Quick and athletic off the dribble, he can finish at the rim with dunks or drop off dimes to teammates. Making him even more dangerous as a driver is the fact that he can strip the nets to beyond the three point line. Today was our first extended look, but he has the feel of a guy who could be at least an upper mid level prospect.

L.J. Rose, PG, Houston Hoops- Sometimes, it's easy to forget that Rose is just now finishing up his freshman year of high school. He's poised, skilled, plays under control and has excellent size for a young point. Sometimes the burden of expectations can really mess with a young prospect like Rose, but so far he looks to be thriving amidst lots of hype about his vast potential. In the middle of a growth spurt, he's 6-foot-2, maybe pushing 6-foot-3.

Gavin Thurman, PF, KC Pump ‘N Run 15's- It's not often you see a big man drop a dream shake in grassroots ball, but he dropped a few of them before wheeling to bury 15 foot jumpers. Very skilled with the ball, he's got good feet, soft touch and an advanced arsenal of face up moves that he seems quite comfortable with using to score. He has to be more consistently aggressive and add strength, but his upside is high.

Kyle Washington, PF, Howard Pulley Black 15's- Still short of his 15th birthday, he's a long, active and skilled big man. He can wheel for short jumpers, runs the floor quite well and has above average hands. Understandably, he can be muscled around but he is already willing to fight back even if his body doesn't always let him.

Jordair Jett took an official visit to Saint Louis University last week and is scheduled to be on Nebraska's campus in June. Iowa State has been involved and the likes of Memphis, Florida, Kansas and others have already been in contact and expressed an interest to watch him during July.

Few players in the class of 2010 are going to generate opinions as varied as Brandon Peters. His most ardent supporters see him as a clear high major prospect whose tools are being overlooked because of his wild athleticism. On the other hand, his skeptics argue that his athleticism is masking a lack of overall skill. A big key to figuring out the puzzle is going to be how much ability he shows to attack off the dribble during the month of July in front of college coaches. … Tobi Oyedeji seems to be growing a bit. Blessed with plenty of length, his frame his body looks to be catching up with his limbs and he looks to have stretched out to a legit 6-foot-8. He plays hard, is active on the glass and can run. …

While Brandon Dawson's athletic ability certainly stands out, he's also got a great pair of hands and is a terrific passer in transition. He used those hands on one of the plays of the day where he elevated for a tough offensive rebound, landed off balance, used a control dribble to get back under control before exploding to the hoop for a sweet lefty finish off the glass plus a foul. …

At just 6-foot-1, KC Pump ‘N Run's Rodney Givens doesn't have ideal height for a SG. But, he's a dangerous shooter from deep, can attack some off the dribble and has a terrific feel for getting himself freed up for looks away from the ball. He's also adding some point guard skills and looks to be straddling the line between the low and mid major level. …

The St. Louis Eagles Karl Madison gave a long list including Stanford (where he'll head for elite camp next month), UCLA, Vanderbilt, Northwestern, Nevada, Harvard, Illinois State (offer), Missouri State (offer), Northern Iowa (offer) and Iowa. … All Iowa Attack jumping jack Trayvonn Wright said that he's received recent calls or visits from Marquette, Wichita State, Albany, VCU, Northern Iowa, Southern Illinois and others. …

Brandon Peters gave a pretty impressive list of suitors consisting of Memphis, Mizzou, Baylor, Texas A&M, Wichita State and Oregon State. Snap said all but A&M had dropped scholarship offers on him. … Finally, Tobi Oyedeji mentioned a list of Texas A&M, Oklahoma, UCLA, Georgia Tech, Arizona State, Baylor and Arizona when asked which schools he was feeling comfortable with.

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