UK Scales Wall, Signs Point Guard

John Wall is off the board. The nation's single most unguardable player is going to Kentucky. Wall reached the decision late Monday night.

The nation's No. 1 point guard and No. 2 recruit overall, is headed to Kentucky.

Last summer, John Calipari sat and watched John Wall at the LeBron James Skills Academy. He was coming off a setback in the national championship game and viewed Wall as the pivotal recruit to help him capture his first title.

Well, the name on the jersey has changed and Calipari switched locations but he's going to get to coach Wall.

"It was a great job he did the last two years with his guards," Wall told "I think my relationship with Coach Cal pushed them over. The other coaches did a great job but that relationship got them over."

Two weeks ago, Eric Bledsoe committed to Kentucky and there was a school of thought that wondered aloud if it would affect Wall's decision. "I don't think anybody is surprised," Beckwith said. "Bledsoe didn't hold him up at all." In fact, Wall nearly inked with Memphis last fall. "I had the papers to do it but my mom wasn't ready for me to do it. I didn't do anything with them."

Over the last month, Wall's been contemplating the decision. Monday night came and he had a meeting with those close to him, including his traveling team coach Brian Clifton. "I've been thinking about it for the last couple of weeks. I sat down and prayed and thought about it. Last night we had a meeting and I just came out and told Brian." Wall said he picked UK over Miami, Florida and Duke.

As for next season and the mounting pressure that comes with playing for the Wildcats, Wall isn't worried, he's excited. "I think it's going to look good. I haven't made it yet. I still have to fight and work for everything. We'll have a lot of pressure on us. Everyone says we'll be the best class in a while but it'll be bumpy because a couple of us will be freshman. We'll get on the right page and make a good run at it."

Wall's recruitment undoubtedly has been one of the single most chronicled sagas this decade. For the nation's top point guard, the process has been a roller coaster ride. "It's been exhausting and fun at the same time. When I first started getting recruited I was happy and jumping up and down. Then it started getting crazy."

Now the only people jumping up and down are the folks in Lexington. Wall's ready for the next phase in his development and Lexington is ready for John Wall.

Evan Daniels contributed to this story

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