Kendrick Is A Man of Many Positions

Meet Jelan Kenrick, one of the most versatile players in the Class of 2010. No matter the position, he's a player and a guy with plenty of room to grow and improve.

In every class there are a few players that simply are difficult to quantify. Football recruiters get to "cheat" and label these guys "athletes" and allude to their usefulness at multiple positions. On the basketball side, we simply need to keep watching and project what direction they're headed.

Jelan Kendrick ( No. 30) is one of those guys who fits a few different molds. The Atlanta (Ga.) Westlake wing has a natural small forward body and a point guard's mentality. He's not a shooting guard, so we can eliminate that position. He is, however, a classic point forward for now. Eventually, he'll have his eye on the point guard spot.

"Most colleges they ask me what my desired position to play is and go from there," Kendrick said. "No one has come to me with a definite position yet. It's kind of odd. No one has said I'll play one or two or three. They usually ask me what position I want to play."

Kendrick has the tools to be a big point cut from the Shaun Livingston mold. He and Livingston share the same body and he's a good passer in the small forward form Julian Wright once was. As a point, he'll need to tighten the handle in crowds if he's going to man that position at the highest level.

"I'd probably say the point guard is where I'm most comfortable because I love to have the ball in my hand," Kendrick said. "With hard work and determination and the big man upstairs I can do special things."

He's onto something there.

Thus far, Kendrick has been on the campuses of Georgetown and Miami. Reluctant to list schools, we've tagged Cincinnati, Florida State, Georgia, Georgia Tech, Kentucky, LSU, Minnesota, Temple, Tennessee, Texas, Southern Cal and Wake Forest with him in the past.

Kendrick, who seems intent on leaving recruiting alone for the time being, said he's got 29 offers. "Right now, no one and everyone (is impressing me). Everyone tells you what you want to hear and I'm taking everything in. No one really stands out.

"It's a funny thing, during the process. You don't know if they're telling you that because they really want you. I've been told by everybody the same thing but there hasn't been a 100% proof."

Kendrick said his father and AAU coach handle most of his recruitment these days leaving basketball for him to focus on. "I'll weigh that next year."

Well, while we admire Kendrick's plan, come July when the head coaches line the sidelines in remote gyms, he'll be able to separate the pretenders from the contenders real quickly.

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