2005 Spotlight: Martell Webster

Remember when Marvin Williams wasn't a household name in the Class of 2004? Well, there's another guy in his next of the woods that's likely to have the same kind of impact on the summer scene this year.

Webster Averaging Just Under 20 A Game

Martell Webster, a 6-6 sophomore at Seattle Prep, might be a victim of location. He's snuggled right in the backyard of the Stewart Twins and super junior Marvin Williams. He's a member of the Class of 2005 and considering the company around him, getting headliner attention isn't easy.

"In Seattle, we have the Twins and they grabbed so much publicity," Seattle prep head coach Chris Miller said. "He's well regarded in Seattle, though. I think people think he's the best player in our league even though he's only just a sophomore. The colleges know about him."

They know about him, but they haven't come with guns blazing … yet. Washington, Utah and Oregon State have dropped by to see him play. "He's gotten the initial letter from everyone he should have gotten a letter from."

Webster was easily one of the best sophomores we saw all summer long, maybe even the best. He's averaging right around 18 points a game. Still, he doesn't get much national attention. "Martell, I think, would have to stumble and fall to not be a Top 25 player in the nation. He's really, really good. Everybody took a year behind in finding out about Marvin Williams too." I guess what we're trying to convey here is that we think Webster could wind up being just as highly regarded as the upperclassmen he shares the spotlight with in Seattle.

Miller has coached Erik Bond (California) and Jeff Day (Washington) but says there's no comparing them to Webster in terms of overall potential. "The guy shoots it like you can't believe and he's 6-6 and strong. He's got a body that kids would die for."

When Webster blows up this spring, consider yourself warned.

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