Wells Rises Up This Spring

Dezmine Wells, a member of the Class of 2011, has been outstanding this spring. A strong athlete, he's made his presence felt on the camp and AAU circuit.

The moment Dezmine Wells season ended, which by the way concluded on the losing end of a buzzer-beater in the state finals, he revamped his approach to getting better.

"All great players don't sulk over losing because it's going to happen," Wells said. "I went to work hard on my game; free throws, mid-range, ball-handling so I could get better. It hurts to lose like that so I have to get better."

Since the state championship setback, Wells has been nothing short of impressive. The 6-foot-3 Raleigh (N.C.) Word of God standout balled at the Carolina Challenge and has been super with CP3 this spring.

"I'm not satisfied. I haven't met any of my expectations. Everything is a process in basketball. You have to work on your game and improve yourself as a person and player to get better."

Wells has a player's background. His mother was an all-american at St. Augustine's. She's his biggest supporter and has a great pulse on the game.

"She knows it like the back of her hand. She wants me to better than she was. She wants me to work on everything. She could have gone oversees to play but she had me instead. She chose to give up her love so I could have everything I want."

As it stands now, Wells has everything South Carolina and Baylor want. Each has offered the sophomore. "They just like how hard I play; my heart and my determination. They want to see me shoot it more but they like my ball handling and decision making for as young as I am."

Nearby North Carolina State, Virginia, Virginia Tech, Villanova and Xavier will be staring down the sophomore this summer. It'll be a summer where the former football standout knows he's going to be able to get much-needed rest since he's a one-sport guy these days.

"This is giving me a chance to showcase my skills. Without playing football, I'm getting a chance to rest for at least a few days."

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