Hoop Jamboree: The Bigs

ST. LOUIS - Quincy Miller was on a business trip last weekend. The goal was to prove himself against the best players from across the country, in his class. Mission accomplished as Miller was the class of the 2011 (and beyond) contingent of front court players.

This time around at the Hoop Jamboree, one big man stole the show. Actually, we'll call him a power forward this week but watch out as he could blossom into a serious small forward with a big ceiling.

Quincy Miller, a native of Chicago who now makes his home in North Carolina, was arguably the top player (not just frontcourt player) overall at the 2009 Nike Hoop Jamboree.

Miller's a special prospect with high level athleticism, versatility and now he's hitting another growth spurt. He measured in at 6-feet-8 without shoes and we'll begin listing him 6-9 in the future. Miller tied for the camp scoring lead at 23.2 points per game.

He's a matchup problem when you factor in his athleticism and now the ability to keep defenders honest to the 3-point line. His rebounding is getting better as is his focus. Outstanding performances are beginning to be strung together and his status in the Class of 2011 is steadily on the rise!

Power Forward

Kyle Wiltjer, 2011 (Oregon): Easily one of the most skilled players at the event regardless of position. His ability to strip it from deep is real. The next step is balancing out the perimeter with the post and tightening up his attention to detail as a board man.

Brandon Ashley, 2012 (California): There's something about this long-armed insider that catches your eye. He's got the body of a young man that one would think is going to sprout up beyond his listed 6-7.

Grandy Glaze, 2011 (Maryland): He wasn't the most skilled guy or best prospect but he was the owner of one of the highest running motors at the camp. He's got that Charles Barkley, Jon Brockman type of game and relentlessness. He topped out at 6-4 ½ without shoes. The height could limit his overall recruitment and effectiveness as a post scorer but he'd be a tremendous asset at the mid-level because of his tenacity.

Sidiki Johnson, 2011 (New York): The big fella is best right now around the hoop where he's got one of those crafty bodies. Makes it his business to finish around the rim and he's got plenty of room to get better. Would like to see him get to that magical number 6-8.

Hunter Mickelson, 2011 (Arkansas): It would be fine to be this guy because right off the bat you'd get to eat what you want! His body needs strength and bulk so that he can play his face up game. The strength should allow for him to develop a go-to-move inside.

Be On The Lookout For: Nerlens Noels, 2012 (Massachusetts), Marshall Plumlee, 2011 (North Carolina), Julian Royal, 2011 (Georgia), Cinmeon Bowers, 2011 (Wisconsin).


Hopkins Shows Improvement
Over the course of four days of play, different players slid up and down the list to the point where we couldn't settle on a consensus No. 1 center. There were a handful of candidates considered.

Mikael Hopkins, 2011 (Maryland): Having seen him with his high school team and now in a camp setting, you can see the confidence in his own abilities coming out. Liked how active he was around the basket.

Zach Price, 2011 (Ohio): The lefty began the camp hotter than anyone as he outperformed his reputation. Early on he was crushing the rims whenever he could get his hands on it inside. Faded a bit as camp dragged on however he's a prospect in the making.

Isaiah Austin, 2012 (Texas): This one isn't tough to figure out. Though he wasn't consistent with his play, the young goggled big fella works around the hoop at both ends and measured in at 6-11 sans sneakers with a 9-2 reach! Give him time to develop, we will!

A.J. Hammonds, 2012 (Indiana): Like Austin, he gives it to you now in flashes. The best part of his weekend was his patrolling of his area inside. If you came in at him, it was coming back.

Amir Williams, 2011 (Michigan): Since we last saw him in May, he's turning up the aggression and starting to feel himself as a player. He's learning how to fight harder inside and gave a good effort at camp.

Tim Dixon, 2011 (Georgia): This is the long term stock that just might pay the biggest dividend. When his strength catches up to his frame is when you'll see a big leap. He's got offense with his hook shot and was one of the better post passers we saw.

Be On The Lookout For: Desmond Hubert, 2011 (New Jersey); Tyler Adams, 2011 (Mississippi); Peter Jurkin, 2012 (North Carolina); Richard Peters, 2011 (Florida).

By The Numbers

The longest reach belonged to Peter Jurkin at an astounding 9-4. Isaiah Austin was second at 9-2. ... Wingspan winners were Jurkin 7-5, Austin 7-3 1/2, Hammonds 7-3, Price 7-2, Deng Leek 7-2, Dixon 7-2 and Miller 7-1. ... Miller led the bigs in scoring at 23.2, Wiltjer was second 20.0 and Glaze scored 18.2. ...

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