Rose City Showcase: Wrap-up

The Rose City Showcase featured some of the top talent in the Pacific Northwest, including Josh Smith, Stephen Holt, Tony Wroten, Anrio Adams and Jordan Tebbutt...

Portland, Ore. Our final thoughts on some of the top prospects from the Rose City Showcase…

Josh Smith, 6-9 C Kent (Wash.) Kentridge. Smith is still in the process of getting into better shape, but he showed signs at this event of getting back to the level we saw him at last July. He's got very good hands and he caught several tough passes in the paint which led to baskets. When he does get close to the hoop he can over-power smaller defenders with his bulk. He's got a nice feel for the game and he's a good passer out of the post. Right now, Smith is a good at a lot of things. Rebounding, defending, offensive game…he's pretty good in all those areas. The question is will he become great with better conditioning and college coaching? Based on what I saw last July, I think he has a chance. He was better at this event than when I saw him in April and it will be interesting to see what kind of progress he can make by the second half of July.

Stephen Holt, 6-3 PG Portland (Ore.) Jesuit. Holt is one of the better kept secrets in recruiting circles – which is kind of strange given the lack of point guards in the 2010 class. I'm not sure why that's the case, as he's got a lot of positive attributes as a prospect. He's got good size, he's deceptively athletic (blew by multiple defenders at this event), his overall skill level is good and he's a true point guard. His decision-making was very good in the games I saw and he plays unselfishly. He's clearly the top point guard prospect in the west for 2010.

Stephen Madison, 6-5 SF Vancouver (Wash.) Prairie. Deceptive athlete – has some bounce -- who can shoot it to the stripe. Better off the catch, but did display the ability to show shot and put it on the floor. Played with toughness and competed well at this event. Possible mid major prospect.

Jordan Railey, 6-9 C Beaverton (Ore.) High. Young-looking post with big features. He didn't get a lot of touches in the games I saw, and minutes were limited at times, but he's intriguing. Moves pretty well for his size and had a pretty decent stroke out to about 15 feet. May still be growing into his body and might even be bigger a year from now. He's one to keep an eye on in a class that doesn't have a lot of great post prospects.

Tony Wroten, 6-4 PG Seattle (Wash.) Garfield. Last year Wroten looked like a potentially explosive athlete on the wing. Watching him now, it's pretty clear he's ultimately going to be a point guard. And that's a good thing, as his biggest plus skill at the moment is his passing ability. Wroten consistently found open teammates at this event, sometimes in spectacular fashion. He does have a tendency to try to make the flashy play a bit too often, but his passes are usually on the mark and he doesn't turn it over too often. He does need to learn to play with a more consistent effort, as he has a tendency to try to turn it on and off. Outside shot is still a work in progress – too flat – but he should be a good shooter in time. He's a good, not great, athlete and his ultimate upside will be determined in large degree by how his body goes in the next couple years.

Gary Bell, 6-1 PG/SG Kent (Wash.) Kentridge. I don't know if Bell can play the point or not, but he showed enough ball skills that I'm hopeful he can. He's got a lot of positive attributes as a prospect – strong body, good feel, very good shooter – and if he can play the one his recruitment will go to a whole different level. He showed a good court demeanor in the games I saw and generally made solid decisions. Regardless of position, he's a likely high major prospect.

Jordan Baker, 6-2 PG Tempe (Ariz.) High. Whippet-like young point with long arms and very good quickness. His stroke looked playable in the one game I saw. I want to watch him some more, but he appeared to have considerable upside off of one viewing.

Anrio Adams, 6-2 PG Seattle (Wash.) Franklin. Adams has a great basketball body. Great frame, long arms, bowed legs – as a scout, he's what you're looking for when you walk in the gym. Add in a very high level of athleticism, to go with advanced ball skills, and you have the makings of an elite prospect. I only saw him play one game, and I obviously don't know anything about his makeup, but he appears to have the tools to be an outstanding player someday. The 2012 West Coast class already has several elite prospects and Adams could be another one.

Jordan Tebbutt, 6-5 SF/PF Tualatin (Ore.) Horizon Christian. Great-looking young prospect with wide shoulders, big feet and an advanced skill set. He made plays all over the court in the one game I saw and showed off a very versatile game. He scored off drives to the hoop, rebounded well in traffic and knocked down jumpers. It'll be interesting to see how his body goes in the next couple years, which will determine whether he stays at the three or becomes a four. In any event, he's another one of the top 2012 prospects in the west.

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