It Takes 5ive Classic: Day 1 Rundown, Part

Cincinnati, Ohio On the first day of the July evaluation period, Cincinnati and the Adidas Takes 5ive sure seemed like the place to be. With no shortage of coaches on hand, the chance to win scholarships was on the line Monday. Some chose to rise to the challenge.

Wayne Sparrow, SG, Baltimore Assault- Richmond looks like they've scored a nice wing scorer in Sparrow. A long and slender wing who can really attack off of the dribble, he knocks down some shots from the perimeter too. Bottom line is that he's competitive, athletic and looks like he turns his game up in tight affairs.

Jon Horford, PF, Michigan Mustangs- If the guy we saw today against the Atlanta Celtics is the real Horford, look out. He runs fluidly, has terrific hands and is an outstanding passer for a big guy. Lean with a body that he could really grow into, Horford has blossoming athleticism and skill around the rim.

Melvin Ejim, PF, Team Takover Canada- A hard playing and athletic dude, he gets an awful lot done around the rim. Attacks the ball with two hands above the cylinder and wants to ram dunks home whenever possible. What was most impressive on Monday were some terrific passes in transition and out of the high post. Also handled some and looks to have really worked on his skill level.

Ian Miller, PG, Team United- He'll be instantly welcomed in Tallahassee and for very good reason. Quick, decisive and capable of scoring in bunches, he's really more of a scorer at the point. He's also got enough athleticism and strength to slide over and play the two if you want to get extra ball handlers on the floor.

Keith Davis, PF, Urban DFW- A long and fluid big guy, Davis is starting to bulk up and make good on some of the promise he's shown for a while. His hands are pretty good and he is capable of getting to the rim quickly. Runs well and is a guy that made some waves as a prospect.

Kevin Ware, SG/PG, Atlanta Celtics- There's no question that this athletic combo has a high ceiling. A fine athlete who has terrific body control, he's at his best between the rim and 15 feet. Next, he's got to develop his feel for the game as a lead guard. Like his hard stop into pullup jumpers.

Antwan Space, PF, Urban DFW- Monday was our first look at this long and wiry forward and he certainly has some upside. A quick, fluid and bouncy athlete, he causes a lot of havoc for opposing bigs. He passes very well and can put the ball on the floor some and is pretty easy to identify as a prospect.

Apparently, 2009 class member -- and Alabama signee -- Shawn Kemp is headed to prep school. He showed up in Atlanta with a much more developed frame and more confidence than the last time we saw him. …

The fact of the matter is that coaches are starving for point guards from the 2010 class. Now, they are starting to turn more and more to developing combo guard types and take their chances. Because of this, guys like Austin Hollins of the Nashville Celtics become very valuable. He's got a nice feel, can shoot it some and has the 6-foot-3 size to play on or off of the the ball. … Another rangy combo guard who is going to get long high major looks is the Atlanta Xpress's Jershon Cobb. He's slender, but quick, handles pretty well and can really score off the bounce. …

Hard to place Devin Saddler of the Baltimore Assault. The super active 6-foot-2 two guard was a fall signee at Delaware. Given that he's hitting the floor in July, it's looking like he'll be a 2010 guy. Really attacks the rim, is athletic and just plays hard. … Michigan Mustangs wing Juwan Howard is starting to develop himself a nice mid major following. A good athlete who plays with poise and slashing ability. … Interesting to see Ryan Harrow spend as much time playing off of the ball as he did today. … Caught Ryan Fucci a 6-foot-one combo guard for the Kentucky Ice from the class of 2011. The floppy haired off guard really makes plays all over the floor and is a lot of fun to watch. Where he fits as a prospect will be interesting to watch, but he should be on division one watch lists. … Lavonte Dority certainly has a high major body. He also plays hard on both ends of the floor. The question, is whether or not he's really a one or a two?

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