2012 Intro: Dajaun Coleman

Dajaun Coleman's a big boy. The Syracuse native was one of the lone rising sophomores at the LeBron James Skills Academy and for good reason. He's one of the top young bigs in the nation.

There are exactly two rising sophomores at the LeBron James Skills Academy. Forward Justin Anderson and center Dajaun Coleman are tasked with carrying the flag for the Class of 2012. Coleman, who measured in at 6-feet-8 and 281 pounds is the biggest guy in the building.

"It's pretty good," Coleman said. "Good exposure, competition and they teach you a lot of stuff."

When we sat down to chat with Coleman it came as no big surprise that he's a fan of the guys that know how to use their size both in college and the pros.

"In college, I gotta go with Tyler Hansbrough. He's explosive, hustles, he's everywhere. He beats guards down the floor."

And in the NBA? Who does Coleman admire? "I like Dwight Howard in the pros because of his style of play."

Hallelujah! A big guy who looks, thinks and wants to be a big man himself!

The Syracuse native is going to be a major target. When? Well, that's just a matter of who pushes all in on the big fella earliest. Clearly, Syracuse will be a player. He's a Derrick Coleman fan (no relation) and likens his game to the former Orangeman forward.

Still, there will be quite a long line of suitors. Ohio State, Connecticut, Georgetown, North Carolina, Kansas, Kentucky and LSU were mentioned in our conversation.

When the time comes, Coleman will turn to a tight circle and ask for help. It'll be from the same folks who help him navigate the treacherous waters that surround a highly regarded high school player.

"You gotta stay humble and keep your eyes open," Coleman said. "My mom, father and brother help me out. They know what's right and wrong."

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