Las Vegas, West Coast: Day Two

The Center Stage tournament in Las Vegas had prospects such as Norvel Pelle, Josh Smith and Tony Wroten in attendance Thursday...

Las Vegas, Nev. Day two in Las Vegas featured some very good performances at the Center Stage tournament…

Josh Smith, 6-9 C Kent (Wash.) Kentwood. Smith sat out much of the first half with foul trouble, but he was dominating in the second half. He looks better than he did in the spring when he was somewhat sluggish. Very light on his feet for a big kid and he has terrific hands. When he gets close to the rim, he's very difficult to stop.

Garrett Jackson, 6-6 SF Portland (Ore.) Westview. Jackson has a very good basketball body and he's a pretty good athlete. Shot looks funny, but he can knock them down to 17-18 feet. He's still got a ways to go with his overall ball skills, but the physical tools are there for a player.

Jordan Railey, 6-9 C Beaverton (Ore.) High. Railey showed a very nice touch as he knocked down several shots in the 15-18 foot range. His frame projects very well and he should be a strong kid once he gets in a college weight room. He's got a decent feel in the low-post and he'll eventually be an inside scoring threat.

Gary Bell, 6-1 PG/SG Kent (Wash.) Kentridge. Bell has been somewhat overshadowed by his more highly hyped Seattle Rotary teammate Tony Wroten, but Bell is the better prospect. He's got a terrific body, with a very good feel for the game and a good stroke to the stripe. He's not a true point guard, but he can certainly defend a one and he has the right approach to play point guard.

Norvel Pelle, 6-8 PF Compton (Calif.) Dominguez. Coaches from some of the top programs in the country came to watch Terrence Jones, but it was Pelle who put on the show and made it obvious to everyone in attendance that he's one of the elite power forwards in the country for 2011. From the opening play of the game when he blocked a dunk attempt by I-5's Jordan Railey, Pelle set the tone for the game. And he really got everyone's attention with consecutive tip dunks (in traffic) on two straight plays in the second half. His recruitment has been limited pretty much to West Coast programs so far, but that's about to change after this performance.

Tony Wroten, 6-4 PG Seattle (Wash.) Garfield. Wroten has definitely lost some explosiveness/quickness from where he was last summer. He has difficulty going by guys now and instead tries to use power. His shot has become much flatter and he's struggled shooting from the perimeter. He does have exceptional passing ability, but needs to learn to make the simple play rather than always trying for the crowd-pleasing no-look pass.

Ben Vozzola had a crowd of coaches from Arizona State, Gonzaga, UCLA, UNLV, Washington State, Oregon State and San Diego at his game.

Coaches from Washington, UCLA, Texas and Kansas were monitoring Josh Smith.

Norvel Pelle had coaches from Kansas, Washington and North Carolina in attendance at his game.

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