Las Vegas: Day Three, Part B

LAS VEGAS – Friday was a day to see new faces, check in on the progress of two centers and become acquainted with Roland Roberts.

Rob Brandenberg, SG, Mustang Ballers: This is one of those guys who is an excellent mid-major prospect. You know it when you see it and he's got all-league potential at the mid-level and then some. Played sparingly for his high school team last year but that'll change as scoring comes easy and he's grown an inch since we last eyeballed him. Fits the profile of a mid-major stud.

Perry Jones, C, Dallas Seawolves: Didn't even dedicate ourselves to watching the game. Saw bits and pieces, heard crowd reactions from another court and caved into the distractions. Every time we looked up his was either blocking a shot or taking a ball off the backboard and making a play. There's a wow factor that is beginning to come out with each game.

Curtis Washington, C/PF, Derek Smith AS: USC took a commitment from him earlier this month and our guess is that they intend to sit on him and see physical traits they can develop. He's got big feet and a nice wingspan to go with parents who are quite tall. To new coach Kevin O'Neill he probably sees moldable clay. There's some risk associated with taking him because he's not overly aggressive and will need time to develop. On the flipside, he's a long-term guy and if you're confident in your ability to help kids improve could be a rewarding sign.

Terone Johnson, PG, Eric Gordon: Purdue has a player in this kid. Super strong body, great toughness and Big Ten ready. He's a guy you put out there and win games with in college. There's something to his bulldog mentality and he's underrated nationally.

John Gage, PF, FOH: Stanford's newest commit is a face-up four man who needs time to add weight and strength. Very young for his classification he's a skilled guy you wait on and give time to develop. Looks like he can stroke it; would like to see him pay more attention to the glass but that could be a function of lack of physical strength.

Mo Walker, C, Team Takeover: One of the tells for a big guy is incremental improvement. We saw him in May and he was too heavy. Then two weeks ago at Reebok he showed more production. Friday might have been the game where the light came on. The effort level was up, he passed out of the post and was aggressive to score. If he does tosses out another effort like this one the high-majors will take notice. Big boy.

Carson Desrosiers, C, Mass Rivals: Kind of surprised even more haven't tried to jump in on him the way he's played out here. Definitely will be a riser on our list. Liked him the first day, went back again and peeked in on him a few times and he replicated the efforts.

Roland Roberts, SF/PF, Playaz: Sees himself as a combo forward and he's exactly right. Love the live body and ability to get things done at the rim. Need to see him again but was taken with his upside.

Norvel Pelle, PF, Team Odom: If its comparisons you seek we offer up this one: Brandon Wright. He's long, young looking and bouncy. Tries to block shots (gets a ton of them) and has good touch. Excellent young prospect. Someone else offered up Chris Bosh.

Michael Lewis, PF/C, H.P. Elite: He's all prospect: long, looks to block shots and needs to work on his offense. Has a body that will continue to improve. Liked the potential in this young post guy.

Two undervalued guys nationally are Terone Johnson and Ian Miller. Johnson is tailor made for life in the Big Ten. Miller can flat out get his shot and be a scoring point. … Isaiah Epps had 24 big ones in a win over Mass Rivals. … Caught Griffin McKenzie. Has the look of a face up guy who straddles the mid to high fence depending on need and when you see him. … FOH wing Joe Harris is a big time student with a stroke. He's got high-major offers and is under the radar a touch. …

Brandenberg said Akron, VCU and Wright State stood out with Butler, Marshall, Ohio and Appalachian State having offered and in the next tier. … Joe Harris has offers from Virginia and Washington State. Washington and Gonzaga are watching him. …

Roland Roberts said Indiana, St. Joe's (offer), Temple (offer), Penn State (offer) and Providence are on him the hardest. Pittsburgh, Villanova, George Mason, Notre Dame and Maryland are worth listing as they watch. …

Head coaches for Brandenberg were Akron's Keith Dambrot and Ohio's John Groce. Nevada, Wright State and Marshall watched him. … Pelle drew Ben Howland, Tony Bennett and Lorenzo Romar. … Jelan Kendrick drew an early crowd of Bruce Pearl, John Thompson, Ben Howland and Mark Fox. … Norm Roberts was visible for Mo Walker. … Anthony Grant was the only head coach for Levi Randolph's night game. …

Desrosiers won't reveal his favorite 2-3 schools BUT we've seen an awful lot of Dino Gaudio and Herb Sendek at his games. …

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