Lawrence Carrier Update

Lawrence Carrier. Remember the name? The California transplant who laid down roots at Salisbury School four years ago? Well, he's still working towards eligibility next season and remains available.

Academics Playing A Part In Recruitment

It seems like such a long time ago when forward Lawrence Carrier was THE hot underclassman at the ABCD Camp. Coming off his freshman year of high school, Carrier was being billed as an elite level recruit. Now, a few injuries later, the 6-8, 230 pound Carrier is hoping to receive some spring offers.

Salisbury School head coach Chris Hinchey says his standout is averaging 23 points and 11 rebounds. "Everyone is waiting on his GPA and core courses," Hinchey said of his player who already has posted a qualifying test score.

Carrier, a combo forward, is playing a lot of small forward this year. "[Colleges] know he can shoot well and handles it well and is agile for a guy his size. I think he's getting serious looks from mid-majors. I think the majors have concerns."

The first concern would have to be academics. Other issues could stem from some injuries. "His sophomore year he injured his ankle and missed a month. Last year, he tore his meniscus. Then the schools that were interested backed off. There were some concerns about the consistency of play."

Regardless, Fordham, Boston University, Washington, Miami and Penn State have expressed interest. The Nittany Lions have seen him this year. So has Fordham, BU and Washington. Hinchey wasn't sure if Miami had been to a game or not.

The next few months will be key for Carrier as he attempts to get his academics in order for a fall admission to a school.

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